Tuesday, November 30, 2004

PC spoiled..

ai shit.. my pc spoiled.. it would boot up.. i think it is due to POST failure..which means the bios is dead..

last few days.. it was already showing sign of aging.. where the system date suddenly behaved in a strange manner..

i tried to boot up PC last two days.. and it was like stop there.. where you wont hear that booting sound "tink.."

also another symptom is that if you leave it long enough (with the power one) .. it might boot back.

one of my friend told me it could be due to "bloated" capacitor..where there is this batch of motherboard came from Taiwan which the capacitors suck..

anyway, even if the bios is spoiled, which is better than "bloated" capacitor.. i might still need to change the whole motherboard.. damn... i need to spend extra money again...

any of you got the same problem... don't be hesitate to consult me.. coz this is the second time i experience such problems.. I think it is becoz I visited to much naughty site..keke..

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