Saturday, November 13, 2004

Arabic language

becoz my jobs required me to have some dealing with people from Arabic-speaking nation, such as those from middle east and african countries.

I managed to pickup some words ...

1. Yarib = test
2. Sueya = a little bit
3. Warak = some
4. BaAkip = Drink
5. BaAkup = Eat
6. Ana = I
7. Bahuberg = love
8. Bahibig = love woman
9. Kom = Stand
10. Ijilis = Sit
11. Ta-ael = Come
12. Ta-ael-lee = Come lady

"Come lady, eat and drink a little, try some pls"
"Ta-ael-lee, sueya baAkip-kup, warak warak yarib .."


Brandon Teoh said...
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Brandon Teoh said...

kaifa haloka = How r you?
Tayib = Fine.
Ma-a-salama = good bye
lelega = c u again.

quisz = Means fine. It is also implies OK or I see. For instance, if someone said "I couldn't come because of the bad jam and bla bla bla...." Then your reply would be "quisz"