Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sierra Pharaoh Tips - Dakha

Following the spirit of previous tips...

Now we have tips for Dakha scenario.

This scenario is even more easier than Bahariya Oasis.

Basically there is not military attack, unless you failed to fulfill the requests from Pharaoh and the tribute (annual fees to be paid).

Just take note a few things:

1. Use policemen to deal with Hyenas (which would kill people).
2. Bricks can make faster money than any other things, however remember to stockpile(one full load of storage yard will do and replenish it as required) it once in a while for Pharaoh requests. Other things which can contribute to good income are wood and grain (also need to stockpile it once in a while; one full load of storage yard will do).
3. Initially, without buying anything from others, people won't want to buy from you either. Thus, you have to buy something from the traders (maybe 1 unit of plain stone and etc) and they will reciprocate.

Keep everybody happy and as soon as you fulfill all the requirements. Victory will come.