Sunday, December 28, 2008

Visit to Dong Zen FGS Malaysia

First of all, check out the what it is and where it is.

The tricky part is as you approached the round about forking to Carey Island, what you are going to anticipate before making the right turn, right ?

A better map would be this one...

After the roundabout (Carey Island), go straight until you hit the second traffic light on your right, take right turn and go straight until you see Dong Zen on your right.

If you are going from Sunway Toll, the journey to Dong Zen would be around 50km (one way).

You can use the opposite direction to go home.

It is not really a big place, in fact it looks smaller now with most of the compound being put to good use compared to a few years ago when there were still many vacant lands..

This is a good place to come occasionally if you think that Buddhism is your way. Trust me, if you go with open heart, you will feel the power.

Of course, on that day itself, we had chance to check out the relic's of the real lord Buddha which is being put in place to anticipate for the exhibition show during CNY 2009. It was at this point which I felt the Buddha's light shone through my soul, I was overcome briefly.

The best gift that I got during that visit ....

Check out events for CNY 2009 at Dong Zen.

最好的礼物是忠言;最好的修养是宽恕。 This is a wisdom, this is a dharma and if properly appreciated and put to practice, I can achieve enlightenment (to a certain level) in this life.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Earth Stood Still - Good Movie

I have just watched The Day The Earth Stood Still, it is a good movie. Entertaining and worthy.

The best part is Jennifer Connelly whom I think really played her role well, she is so convincing that her eyes are able to do the talking. Keanu Reeves played his role well too, I think he is the best person to suit the role of alien and as cool as ever. Brad Pitt may not play that part well. Kathy Bates is great too.

The disappointment is that the ending is cut short, I would expect Helen to kiss Klaatu and also Klaatu to have talked to the UN.

Friday, December 05, 2008

StarCraft Strategy (Tips) For Beginner

Playing computer game is helpful to exercise your brain.

I am just started to play Starcraft now.

  • Attack with multiple units at the same target

  • Exposure surrounding (Comset) to prevent surprise attacks.

  • Attack enemy's supply depot first. This will cut them off the ability to build more armies quickly.

    Anyway, we should be playing Starcraft II now.

    Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    Apparently ownership is about assets, but turns out that it is the ability to contribute further.

    Apparently ownership is about assets, but turns out that it is the ability to contribute further - Brandon Teoh (26 Nov 2008)

    Sunday, November 09, 2008

    The Economy Is Getting Bad ?

    Check out here for moody situation in Singapore.

    I was at Mosin mamak near my house yesterday night at about 10pm and guess what ?

    There was just a handful of us.

    Maybe it is an unpopular mamak; at least not like before.

    Looks like everybody is going to save money into the walls.

    Saturday, November 08, 2008

    The Republican Has Knew It

    Initially, my thoughts are:
    • Mccain is too old and fragile.
    • Obama is a black.
    So, I don't think that Obama will actually win even though he looks like going to win. I still think that the Americans will vote for Mccain despite his age.

    When Mccain delivered his concession speech, it seems to suggest that the Republican already knew that they don't stand a chance to win this election.

    McCain expressed that he was sincere and had tried his best shot.

    And this makes Sarah Palin looks so bad because it seems as if she was there just to take deliberate defeat. Had she knew it ?

    Also, have other previous Republican candidates gave up earlier ?

    Tuesday, November 04, 2008

    Caesar 3 - Lutetia

    This is quite a challenging scenario due to its requirement for 10,000 population and with just enough farming capabilities.

    Here are the tips that will ease the challenges:
    1. You can only build about 82 farms (plus minus) and there are three types of food (Wheat, Vege and Meat(pig)). Don't bother to build wheat farm for food because wheat is eaten up fairly fast by the people. Build only vege and meat with the latter as the priority. Build the ratio of 60:40. It takes the population to eat up the meat slowly, so that gradually the supply of meat will be slightly over supply for a population of 10,000. If you have a combination of wheat, vege and meat, 82 farming capabilities will not enough for these population. --> This is the most important factor of winning this scenario (food and population)
    2. Build the houses near to the farm so that food stock reaching the granary at each housing area will be faster and marketeers will have more time to look for other items. Of course, same old rules apply. Check out the pottery marketing problem.

    3. Don't build large entertainment first, build Hippodrome only when you have a population of over 15% unemployment (which more than 17% for a long time will land you on trouble).
    4. Same old rules apply, build at least one warehouse at each housing area to store pottery, furniture, oil and wine for the houses in that area. Build a commercial center with many warehouses to facilitate trades, so that traders will not purchase pottery and furniture from the housing area's warehouses.

    5. You need to build around 10 blocks of 9x9 housing area to cater for 10,000 population. I actually build 11 blocks and the food is still enough with about 50:50 of vege and meat farms.
    6. Randomly take out certain industry such as clay pit, timber yard or workshops whenever employment rates shoot over the population.
    7. Enemy attack will only come in two different directions. The barbarians are great fighter, do not fight them without the help of wall and towers. Build thick walls to exhaust them of energy while tearing it down, then you can win almost any attack and will achieve 100% peace. Sometimes the enemy may even give up half-way tearing down the walls. But build army early. Build around 3 legions and 3 javelins. You do not have to build them all at once start with at least 1 legion and 2 javalins first.

    8. Caesar will request for Army help two times. Send 1 legion and 2 javelins each time.
    9. Remember to build the forts in the outskirts, don't build them close to the housing area because you need to reserve land to build houses near to the farms. You can even build the forts on the islands. But remember to build road to connect the island to the main road, otherwise the army will not be able to reach the fort and it will remain empty.

    10. You also need to play this scenario rather quickly because after certain period, ceasar will not request for any help and it will be hard to maintain your favor's rating.

    Monday, October 27, 2008

    Malta Quench

    Malta Quench is a new sports drink fortified with malt goodness that's high in vitamin B1. This innovative product helps you keep up with today's active lifestyle.

    Vitamin B1 helps keep you active and refreshed. So whenever you are feeling lethagic, tired or in need of a little lift, drink Malta Quench to refresh your moments... anything, anywhere.

    It is good for drinking after sports. The competitor to 100 Plus.

    My personal opinion ?? It tastes good actually.

    Saturday, October 18, 2008

    Caesar 3 - Pottery Problem

    Caesar 3 computer game.

    Have you encountered the situation when market just won't go and get pottery so that residents can buy ? As a result, the housing cannot evolve into bigger ones.

    This is due to two reasons:
    1. Marketeers don't have enough food in the market. So before they can start to look for pottery, they need to look for food first. This is actually due the fact that people are eating faster than the market can provide. Before marketeers can start looking for pottery, food stock has ran out. The sub problems are:
      • Not enough market for people within the area. Ideally, 1 market can service 9 rows of houses, thus if you have 9 x 9 housing area, you should have at least 2 markets
      • You have built too many houses at the start of the development of new housing area. You have to go phase by phase, it is possible to have a housing area of 9 x 18 but make sure you start with 9 x 9 first, otherwise, marketeers will have no time to collect pottery from the warehouses.

    2. There is no pottery available.

    Start by building some houses and give the market enough time to collect food and then pottery first before adding more houses.

    Check out other tips on other scenarios.

    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    Bush is not worried, it is not his problem

    USA president George Bush is not worried anything about the financial crisis, it is not his problem, which was started from the private corporate side.

    He is the savior.

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    Singapore Trip (Oct 2008)



    Raffles' Place

    Singapore River
    The Eye

    Esplanade 2


    One Fullerton

    Singapore is peaceful.

    Generally, I feel that Singaporean have a lot of mutual respect for each other, but it is lacking curiosity.

    I learned that each shopping mall has its own personality. For instance, Rowena Square is the sports center, lucky plaza is where all the Indonesian hang-out during Sunday.

    In Singapore, if you take out your shoe and throw out, you will hit 96 chinese, 2 mat sallehs and 1 Malay and 1 others.

    The food ? Not bad too. The vegetarian food is nice and usually comes in a larger package than those in Malaysia.

    In Singapore, the girls are very self-assured. They don't actually look at you.

    Oh ya, I noticed that there are more Ferrari(s) in Singapore than in Malaysia.

    Monday, October 13, 2008

    The End of Financial Boom

    Just like the dot-com bust which sent many budding technopreneurs into nowhere I foresee similar fate for those in the financial industry.

    The financial industry is simply using money to make money. The skill sets required are financial, accounting, economic and business alike. Well, I can say that for the past 10 years, those with such skill sets are really well fed and the their time is up now.

    But I don't think that the situation would immediately sent such talents into jobless mode, affected ones would be those involving in high-growth potential, such as sales, marketing, consultancy and optimization.

    This is also the start of the end for those dealing with credit card sales and I suspect that many people would be terminating multiple credit cards because the banks will not be blessing too much tolerance towards unpaid dues. In short, consumers have to cut short on spending future money.

    I think that in the near future and probably the next 5 to 10 years, we need more 'financial police' whose job will be a little boring compared to the ancestors as such that the core function is to 'audit' things out; to right wrongs. These people would require to have skill sets of accounting, financial, business, economics and at least some portions of legal.

    In other words, the financial industry needs to get back to fundamental now and not high-risk and high-growth. The ICT industry has been surviving on low-risk low-growth mode for the past 10 years.

    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    This Doesn't Look Good

    Well, this certainly doesn't look too good.

    There are reasons to think harder...

    Monday, October 06, 2008

    The Jam Was Yesterday

    So my trip down to Ipoh last weekends and back to KL and then Seremban was blessed with unexpected ease.

    It seems that the jam was yesterday, everybody seems to be coming back on Sunday itself. Wow, the city folks took more than one week off for holidays.

    Thursday, October 02, 2008

    Living in KL working on a fast-lane job career whatever..

    I was last in Ipoh and also Seremban for two different weddings... it was great.

    For some reason I really hated the kind of life that I have now where I can't actually for a second or more doing one thing such as surfing the Internet or looking at the Stars....

    I am always have to be on the go and meet deadlines.

    I need to go dinner now.


    Wednesday, October 01, 2008

    Trip to Ipoh

    I was down to Ipoh to attend friend's wedding.

    It was nice trip went, there was no traffic congestion at all. I drove up the North-South highway at ease, immersed within the peaceful drive captivated by simple yet beautiful country sides.

    It wasn't long until I reached Simpang Pulai, got out of the highway. Boom!!! Ipoh.

    The first place I got into was Kek Lok Tong, a place of buddhist cum taoist temple cum recreational park.

    Ipoh people are more laid back and talk more about humanity. They have time for love and fun.

    One thing about Ipoh folk, they love karaoke as much as they are curious about life. I guess you can say that life is a bit more monotonous in Ipoh.

    It is good to go back there every once in a while.

    Friday, September 26, 2008

    No Money No Talk - Tricky

    It is apparent that The Bush administration has been under attacked for some period.

    But USA has always been leader in everything not until the recent Olympic games. That doesn't matter anyway.

    The point is that USA has got everything.. they got strong public sector, private sector and individuals.

    The recent financial market turmoil shouldn't be a public sector fault, the fact that these financial institutions are global and private.

    Current US goverment (The Bush administration) sees this as an opportunity to save the day, by suggesting to use federal funds to bail-out those troubles institutions lead by private business commandos. It isn't hard to propose this because it wasn't the government's fault, now they have an opportunity to be recognized otherwise.

    But it seems that things are not getting easier.

    The question now is what matter most... Do you want to save the economy, business or people ?

    Looks like they need another miracle.

    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    Caesar 3 - Tingis

    This scenario is rather easy. Perhaps I have mastered a few key skills. Here they are:

    War - Built walls and towers. You will never win any war without these. Legion will always be the front-man while javelin with shoot from behind. Javelin is most effective to attack elephants. Once elephants are dead, attackers will lose motivations. The key point is that you got to have walls and towers.

    Religion - You have to built oracles, so that God will never get piss off even if you do not perform events for long. Built oracles on remote areas to keep people happy and this will cut crime rates too.

    Food - Built granary near to each housing area. Do not built granaries at a single location.

    The thing which i learned from Tingis scenario is:

    You need to built a warehouse near to each housing area too where it will store essential items for housing growth such as pottery, furniture, wine and oil. If you keep warehouses in a single location, marketeers will have hard time to get pottery. This could also partly due to the fact that marketeers have no time to walk to far to get those potteries should food supplies is just enough.

    Built one warehouse very near to each housing area

    For Tingis, even though you get to built a lot of farms but is it just enough for 8,000 people and it is a challenge to reach 8,000 where you will usually get stuck in between 7,000 to 8,000.

    Sunday, September 21, 2008

    USA Government also Helps the Bank

    Even the US government is going to help the financial institutions.

    Experts say that it is necessary.

    Not just in Malaysia.

    Saturday, September 13, 2008

    Religion Debatas

    One look at the press release, no further reading is required. It is obviously a religion debate.

    A Nation Still in Shocked

    Aiya, apa dah terjadi ?

    (What is happening).

    In Malaysia, the Chinese are mostly trilingual, sometimes it is good to write in other languages. Everybody can speak Bahasa Malaysia.

    Sebagai warga negara Malaysia, amat jelas sekali Malaysia masih terkurung dalam shok ataupun gemparan pilihan raya yang kebelakangan ini, di mana Barisan Nasional tewas dua per tiga majoriti.

    Yang lagi merunsingkan kepala adalah reaksi masyarat terhadap perubahan yang boleh dikatakan tidak ada batasan selagi lagi nya.

    Cuba saudara lihat apa yang terjadi sekarang.

    Friday, August 22, 2008

    Round of Applause for Bad Transportation

    I should applause this.

    Shouldn't you too ?

    Here is the snapshot..

    Monday, August 18, 2008

    Building Foundation is Important

    Lee Chong WeiImage via Wikipedia Many people recognize that building foundation is important after Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Badminton Men's Single Final at 17th Aug 2008. Also check out here.

    Watching the whole match through RTM 1 (million thanks to RTM 1 for those who don't subscribe to Astro), I must salute Lin Dan that he is a truly world champion, there is just no doubt about that. His Bruce Lee playing style, his charisma, his physical ability and his passion for excellency.

    Like I mentioned early what makes a world champion ? Lin Dan is truly a risk taker.

    Congratulation to Choon Wei for putting Malaysia's hope floats at such critical time and for the silver medal.

    “Although he (Chong Wei) did not win, I am happy that Chong Wei has made it to such a level. We will try again in London Olympics in four years' time but the important thing is we have to start planning now. We have to bring in our juniors into the national set-up,” Badminton Association of Malaysia president Datuk Mohd Nadzmi Salleh.

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    Sunday, August 17, 2008

    Roger Federer Won Tennis Double!

    Wow! Federer finally won a gold medal for himself in the Olympic; the men's double. Check out here and here.

    And Russia swept all three medals for Women's tennis. Check out here.

    As a Malaysia, my heart goes all out for Mr. Lee Chong Wei who will be competing with Lin Dan (China) for badminton's single match.

    Malaysia Boleh!

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    Roger Federer Lost in Olympic Again (2008)

    {{tr|2005 Cinncinatti US Open Series}}Image via Wikipedia Roger Federer lost again, yeah he did in Olympic 2004 (as top seed).

    Quite unlikely he is going to have a gold medal for Olympic anymore.

    But having a gold medal for Olympic doesn't make you world champion these days, it merely makes your country proud. Or rather to say, it is just for the fun of it.

    This is especially true for people like Roger Federer (multi-millionaire in USD) as well as James Blake; both are professional tennis players.

    I managed to catch the match about 1/4 through the match and 3/4 in the first set. By mere observation, I knew that Federer is not playing at his best.

    Why ? I don't know. Maybe it is part of the strategy for anticipation of US open which is around the corner. Or simply, it just wasn't his day.

    First of all, he just couldn't serve well. So this adds a point to what makes a world champion, you got to serve well.

    Secondly, it is interesting to note that even not playing at his best, Federer did demonstrate a lot of uncanny behaviours which make him world champion. I noticed that Federer is a risk taker, comparing to Blake. Federer would risk taking wicked shots and just that this time, it didn't work most of the time. Blake on the other hand, conquered most of the important points and he won. Federer is definitely more charismatic than Blake. We would want Federer to win and he disappointed all.

    The third thing that I noticed is that Federer is a practically patience man. He could just keep going under pressure. I predicted that if the game were to go on for another set, Federer may turn it around and win it in 5 sets. This also suggests that if the professional tours were to switch to 3-sets decider, Federer may not be the world champion.

    And to guess why must he lose again ? I don't know, maybe it is boring. The is no passion to win.

    Conclusion : What makes a world champion ?
    • Critical Success factor - Serve
    • Risk taker and charismatic
    • Patience

    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Heart, Determination and Immensity

    Yao Ming holding the ball on offense against t...Image via Wikipedia The success of Yao Ming.

    Critical success factors:

    His heart, determination and immensity.

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    Saturday, August 09, 2008

    Rumours will always hold some weights

    NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 30:  Former Sen. John Ed...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeJohn Edwards admited to extramarital affairs.

    "In the course of several campaigns, I started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic."

    This behavior is common.
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