Friday, August 31, 2007

Sierra Pharaoh Tips - Bahariya Oasis

Following the tips for Giza, On and North Dashur.

Now we have the tips for Bahariya Oasis scenario.

This scenario is pretty easy, since all trading are done one land which is more efficient than with dock(for sea). And the abundance of wood supplies make economy really easy. So, I only have four tips.

1. Must buy something only can sell something.
2. Never clear off tree areas, otherwise you will run out of supply for woods.
3. Build two infantries and one archer. Beware of massive Bedoiun attack during year 2450BC.
4. Optimizing storage yard. Never let a storage yard to be completely filled up with just one item such as wood or sandstone.

This would make the storage yard workers really boring because they have so little things to do. It is best to fill up storage yard with a majority item (such as woods and sandstone) and minor with barley, flax, reeds and etc (so that these raw materials can be delivered to factories immediately since workers are not too pre-occupied with other things.) Never have a storage yard to be filled up with more than four items, otherwise the workers will be overworked.

If you made it through North Dashur, On and Giza, this scenario will be sure win.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sierra Pharaoh Tips - Giza

Continuing from previous efforts for On, we now look at the winning strategy for scenario Giza.



This scenario may looks easy because you are only required to have two ratings (kingdom and monument), however it will be

harder than you think. You still have to pay your tribute even though you are not require to have any prosperity rating.

Otherwise, Pharaoh army will attack as soon as your kingdom drops to zero.

Beer will be available from a new route to Dendera, after you have deployed Army to help with foreign attack.

The key to wining this scenario is to never ran out of debens. You will have to use your personal savings in the initial


Once you are able to create an economy which is self sustaining, everything will pretty easy.

As you are expected to play for certain amount of time (since you have to build three monuments), thus this scenario is good

for you to build your personal savings.


1. Quickly setup exporting activities for gems and luxury goods. Once you are able to generate income, things should be

pretty easy. Just play in moderation, do not over import things especially limestone in the initial stage. Build more docks

to facilitate the export import capabilities. (at least 2 and even 4)
2. Keep storage for gems, luxury goods, game meat as Pharoah will request for them ocassionally. He will reward you with

copper, limestone, linen (just once) and grain (just once).
3. Have to build at least one fort of archers and infantries because you will need to deploy them to other city for backup.

Thus you should build probably another fort of infantries to backup the city.
4. Funds are limited, you have to import huge amount of limestones, certain amount of woods, clays and weapons. The reliefs

are that you don't have to import beer because the houses are not expected to evolve pass the stage of beer and you get to

export gems and jewellers (Pharaoh will be asking for these too). Don't use up the fund so fast and quickly build a family

mansion as well as a town place.
5. Build as much workcamps as possible to speed up the process of pyramid building.

It took me 882 months to win this scenario.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Mortals - what is the best bet ?

According to the movie "Elizabeth the golden age".

"we mortals have many weaknesses, we fear too much, hurt too much, or too soon we die, but we have the chance of love."

Check it out.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Sierra Pharaoh TIps - On

Continuing from previous efforts for North Dashur, we will now take a look at winning strategy for the scenario called "On"

This is how I win the scenario.


Quite a honey moon scenario compared to North Dashur. There will be no army attack (from Pharaoh) as well. There is no need to build any army fortress. This is a fun scenario with many food options (grain, meat and game meat). You need to build three similar medium mastabas which requires a lot of bricks. (Make sure you reserve ample spaces for this purpose).


1. No option to grow barley farm. Has to import either barley or beer.
2. Without buidling a Senet, the culture will never reach 40 (maximum). However, senet should only be built at the end of the game, when you are ready to win which otherwise it will suck in a lot of beers. And since you do not have the capacity to grow barley, it is not good idea to have senets sucking in too much beer.
3. Pharaoh will only ask for two things; limestone and game meat (from hunting)
4. Hipotamus kill people. Build towers on the bank of the river closed to where hipotamus breading ground is to kill of the hipos. This is the most effective way to kill of the hipotamus where two spears from the tower will get one hipo killed.
5. Each island doesn't allow the landscape of housing estate to cater for 4000 people, that would be about 50 units of residences.

1. No need to build senet (since it is sucking beer), just need to make sure you build dentist to push up the culture.
2. Import everything as early as possible, which includes clay, pottery, reeds, paprypus, flax, linen, bricks and limestone (generates the most income).
3. No need to over build the temples as at least one each and with more focus on the patron god Ra.
4. Build a personal mansion as early as possible to collect savings. And get rid of crimes minimize the risk of money stolen. You can't get salary when you decided to rule longer after victory!!
5. Straws (Grows from grain farm simultaneously) are required for cattle ranch and also bricks making. Try to have a storage yard of straws.
6. Continuously perform festival to make sure that people don't leave your city. More that 20 months without festival will risk people leaving the city.

It took around 600 months to win the scenario.

More tips to come, stay tuned!