Tuesday, May 31, 2011

放下究竟怎样 (To Let It Go)?

People always asked me this question.

The answer is very simple, accept, repent and rebuild.

Accept who you are, repent what you have done, rebuild a new self.

However, this is very hard to do, because it conflicts with your current self.

Thus, the alternative methods are:
  • Eat simple food – sacrifice your food desire.
  • Do charity – sacrifice your time, ego and comfort.
  • Live a simple life - do away desires.

By doing these things, you train yourself to let go your wants.

Monday, May 23, 2011

MBCS Mid Autumn Festival Charity Fund Raising Dinner

Fund raising dinner (non-vegetarian) for diamond age care home.

It is organized by MBCS (Malaysia Buddhist Co-operative Society), whose mission is to 'envision a future where death is accepted gracefully and
proper Buddhist funeral is embraced by all'. In other words, MBCS can help you to arrange for proper Buddhist funeral at proper cost.

One ticket is RM 80. One table has 10 seats.


4th September 2011.


Dewan Serbaguna, SS3/14, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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Please contact:
  • Sis Linda 012-6310719
  • Sis Sandra 019-2274388
  • Sis Judy 012 313-2877

Monday, May 16, 2011

You've strike 1st prize with a prize money of cash.

Got this from email. I think this is useful.

Any cheque banked in into your account need a few days to transact. Although the amount appears in your account, but it's still pending for transaction, the person issuing the cheque can cancel the cheque at any time! A few days ago, one of my friends received a sms with the message: "You've strike 1st prize with a prize money of RMB200,000 cash." The sms came with a contact no. My friend ignored it since he had heard of too many bogus scams using similar tactics.

After a short while his handphone rang, a Miss Fang asked: "Sir have you received a sms telling you that you've strike 1st prize?"

My friend answered: "Yes, I have".

Miss Fang: "Please let us have your bank account number so that we can deposit the money into your account."

My friend thought, why not, let's see what you can do. My friend has a buddy who works in that bank. Hence, he gave her his account number. Ten minutes later, my friend's handphone started ringing again.

Miss Fang said: "Sir, we have deposited your prize money into your account, please check and verify."

My friend checked using his handphone and found that RMB 200,000 was really deposited into his account. He was euphoric, just like that and he's RMB 200,000 richer! 30 minutes later, Miss Fang called again. She was crying: "I'm sorry sir, I made a mistake, I forgot to deduct the tax before I deposited the prize money, 20% of RMB 200,000 equals to RMB40,000. Now the company wants me to reimburse the money. Can you please return the RMB 40,000 tax? I beg you."

My friend thought for a while and felt pity for the lady. Thinking of the money in his bank account, he went to the bank. Suddenly he thought of his buddy working in that bank and decided to ask his buddy to double check and confirm with him first. Upon checking, his buddy found out that the money was deposited using a cheque of a different bank. Even though the cheque was deposited but the actual amount of money can't be transfered into his account on the same day. If the other party decided to cancel the cheque, then he'll not get this RMB 200,000. My friend was shocked. He almost lost RMB 40,000. Before my friend left for home on that day, the cheque was actually cancelled. If not for his buddy, if not for him being a professional, or if he was cared of letting others know of striking the prize then this bogus scam would be successful.

This is a true story, please beware. Future scams could be even better planned. Please don't forget to forward to your friends and relatives to warn them from being cheated.

Plant Vs Zombies (Bobsled Bonanza) Tips:

Use chili plant to clear the ice, after than, put a spikeweed with enhancement at the right side so that any zomboni which will attempt to come in will be destroyed immediately.

The most effective way of dealing with the red suit zombie is to plant three spikeweeds adjacent to each other, they cannot succeeded in walking through it.

Need to plant as many sunflower as possible to get energy fast in order to use chili plant.

Start the game by planting Sunflower and spikeweed first.

Also refer to Plant vs Zombies : Survival: Endless (Hard) Tips

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unusual Hot Weather in Malaysia

Malaysia has been subjected to unusual hot weather for the past few days since 5-May-2011.

This is unusual.

Originated from Philippines.


Imprint Car Plate Number On Car Windows

You can get it done at Wan Wan Car Audio Accessories Shop (same row as Kim Realty) at Damansara Jaya near Atria shopping center.

It cost less than RM 30.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Motors Confidence Sent Me Thank You Notes

Motors Confidence (M) Sdn. Bhd.

No. 12 & 14, Jalan SS 2/3, 47300 P.J, Selangor.

Tel: 03-7874 9409

Fax: 03-7876 7770

Spiritual Cultivation (修行) is like going to university after graduate school

Spiritual cultivation (修行) is like going to university after graduate school.

You left behind certain things as it was timely.

Low profile, no politics, just you.