Saturday, March 29, 2014

如果你生为不死, 你生来何故 ?

大闹天宫 2014: 观音对孙悟空说: 如果你生为不死, 你生来何故 ?世事无常,三界始终生灭,灯火不息,死即再生,念念相续,是为轮回。

Monday, March 03, 2014

Don't you feel heavy holding this bucket ?

Someone told me this story yesterday.

A man approached his teacher and started complaining non-stop, he kept on and on, the teacher listened and didn’t attempt to interrupt him. At one point, the teacher gave him a bucket full of water. Without much hesitation, the man took the bucket, holding it and kept on complaining.

Not long after that, the man was exhausted and slowed down, the teacher intervened and asked “don’t you feel heavy holding this bucket full of water ?” The man replied “Yes, very heavy.” The teacher said “ then why don’t you put it down ?”

From then on, the man put down all his sufferings and continued with life.