Sunday, May 23, 2010

One Needs Charisma To Compete On Top

As I am watching the match between Lin Dan and Taufik Hidayat (Thomas Cup Final 2010).

I find that charisma is not just something which will give you better edge, it is a must.

The reason is because with technology advances, people will equal in terms of physical strengths.

Without charisma, it is hard to maintain the pressure.

Check out the match.

Saturday, May 22, 2010











佛光山的三好运动也可以积福。 说好话,做好事,存好心。


Friday, May 21, 2010

Tony Pua - Stagnating income, increasing cost and weak infrastructure.

Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua highlighted a three-cornered situation that many Malaysian urbanites were trapped in – stagnating income, increasing cost and weak infrastructure.

Check out details.

I totally agreed.

10 years ago, a fresh graduate with ICT capabilities can get about RM 1,600.00 to RM 2,200.00.

Engineers will be able to command higher pay like RM 2,200 to RM 2,500.

And today. It is still the same, if not lower.

I don't think that Malaysian (those people around me) has improved in terms of competitiveness, but we have improved in terms of coping with new trends such as adoption of online social interactions, politic debating and etc.

I think we need to eat less, spend less, travel less and improve quality of life by means of non-materialistic realization.

How ? Such as going picnic with love ones by eating air and kisses. Do you reckon ?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Sunday, May 09, 2010

Ip Man 2 - The Best Movie of 2010 So Far

Write in mandarin first (translate later). Certain things are more meaningful in Chinese (don't know why)..





练武功,就好像修行 (修佛)。 是一种意识,是一种人生大事,是一种做人必须做的事。


这套电影最令我感动的是 。。。 它啦出了我的感情(男人泪)。

现在的人真的太忙了,忙什么 ? 忙社会渐渐减少的出人头地的机会。



English version..

Took my parents for Ip Man 2 (for mother's day). One Utama at 11:30am still had plenty of parking space at the fourth floor.

This is by far the best movie of 2010. Thumbs up!

It is a story which centers around the the lives of chinese people around 1950, shortly after world war 2 which was considered as modern Hong Kong under British rule.

I am in love with the lifestyle of the people during that time, and I always like to believe that I belong to the past. I just got here by time machine.

Life were simple, love were real.

Simple life doesn't necessary means poor life, it is like if you have eaten too much, should you eat again or just because you have to eat 3 meals per day ? I really like to bet that people those days don't have the habit of eating 3 meals, that is perhaps they were healthier.

Friendship based on integrity was a rule of thumb. This concept of life is still in existence, but it is regarded as obsolete and practitioners will most likely be regarded as weak and ineffective. If you still believe in it, you got to do it behind the scenes.

Practicing martial arts is like spiritual cultivation. It is a meaning of life, or something which you must do before you die.

The movie character Ip Man lives his life with humbleness, integrity and strong determination. Money will never supersede meanings. This is a way of life which I think will leave you without regrets. It is a great way of life.

The best part of this movie is that it really brings the emotions out of me.

We are just about 60 years forward, and things are so different now. That is why the movie is worth it.

Everybody is busy trying grab the ever dwindling opportunities in the society. Perhaps we can all stop for a while and go watch Ip Man 2 to the least.

Happy mother's day!