Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Raining may be good sometimes

Yesterday, I planned to go to MPBJ to purchase monthly pass early in the morning so to avoid jam and crowds. As I was leaving the house, the sky suddenly turned on me, it became black.

I thought, wow…. Why you treat me like this. If it were to rain, convenience would be robbed from me because I have to make use of umbrella and etc. So I decided not to proceed and wait till noon.

As soon as I walked into my office, the sun came out roaring. I thought… oh gosh, this is my bad day.

Then came noon, I quickly jumped into my car and went ahead. And the sky turned dark and darker again. I said to myself .. “God is really against me today, I must have done something wrong.”

Then without doubt, it rained.

I went on…. There were some traffic congestions along the highway, but was okay.

As I was reaching the destination, things were totally out of my expectation.

Rains were slowing down and the best part is that due to the rain, there was no crowd and parking was easy.

So, then I thought “wow!, this is good actually.”

So… this experience improves my IQ (which is that rain does scare away the crowd because everybody was thinking about the same thing …) and definitely … Haha. Great!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Real Jesus..

Real Jesus book...

And this very interesting take..

and ...

God the Creator - refers to our minds, the centre of all creation, as we think and believe so shall it be

God the Son - refers to our body Flesh & Blood just as Jesus was the Flesh & Blood. So are we with all the capabilities, to create and enjoy all things

God the Holy Spirit - refers also to our Spirit, the light that dwells within each of us, yet comes from the same source that the light of the Universe came from.

I know it is tough. I am more bitter than you.