Wednesday, November 17, 2004

moving foward

some people say I am "Phlegmatic" type... i guess so.. i like pondering abt futures and values of things..During these holiday season (Hari Raya..) i have some time and started thinking a little abt what has happened so far.. and it is scary to think that so little things had been achieved with so many days has gone.

the scariest thing in this society is really... i figure.. watching people moving yet you are not going anywhere. u r stuck with the same job, same salary, same company ...

i think the very important thing in life is to move foward.. achieving targets and dreams.. that is what i think what matters the most.

one of the reason i like blogging is to document myself and then I would sort of close-case for old stuff, that never to look back what had happened. if I have to be sorry then I am sorry abt it. admit it and move on.

it also made me realize that the most important job of a CEO is to make sure a company move foward. The rest of profit drops, people quiting, products having problems.. are just secondary.. CEO must have the vision to move the company ahead, by leveraging on current situations and keeping hope floats for future excitement. In short, a CEO must at least have a dream, but he or she cannot tell people to stop all works and start focusing on that dream (this would be robbery).. so people have to keep doing their things.. keep acting while the movie director secretly put on a new stage. At the end of the day, annual meeting, if that objective is not achieved, then CEO got nothing to say, then resign.

so our resume is a good documentation of summary of our career. and as long as it shows sign of moving foward, it is good resume.

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