Saturday, October 23, 2010

Two Generations Home Loan ?

I can't actually believe this is going to happen ?

With such big land and small population in this country.

Looks like the country has ran out of idea of uplifting the economy.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friends are always friends (朋友还是朋友)

Friends are always friends.

Friends may hurt you more, but still friends.

Would you care less ? Tough call.

Friday, September 17, 2010

After 32 years, still a loner

Born a loner, after 32 years still a loner.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010



要会享受。。 其实也不是,因该是要懂得自己的放向,生活的意识。





Sunday, August 01, 2010

When you are sick and tired and fed-up and stressed-up..

Do not continue with work, learn new things.

If you are in IT, you will find that it is a blessing, because there are so many new things to learn.

If you already know MSSQL 2005, check out MySQL.

If you already know JOOMLA, check out Drupal.

If you already know VB.NET, check out C++

If you already know C++, check out Java.

The list goes on.

Oh, by the way, remember to write down notes.

You will get back into momentum.

Saturday, July 24, 2010




’空有无二‘ 是说 ‘不执空,不执有’



Sunday, June 27, 2010

Taman Tasik Metropolitan (Kepong)

This place is called Taman Tasik Metropolitan.

It is about 4 km, not much hilly on the main route, just some slopes. There are toilets in between, but you have to pay.

Direction to go there ?

Coming from Bandar Utama, head towards Kepong and then head towards the round about of Jalan Ipoh, it is that big lake on your right side. You just need to make a U-Turn back and immediately after Shell petrol station, slow down and take the first left turn.

Make use of Google Map Malaysia.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

When People Don't Believe You, You Just Have to Prove It

If you are Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, whatever things you say will have impact. Period.

Thus when you are not that level, it is hard for people to believe you; you have to prove it.

Just work extra hard lor.

Not only that, we must improve our intellectuals. Play computer games can help. You need to become a better version of you in order to go to the next level.

When you have proved it, you have gone too far. People can't catch up anymore.

This is yet another manifestation of life.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Think About What is Really Worth It

This is not about falling in love and romance.

I started off by graduating from APIIT (2002). I worked hard for my thesis project (a simulation software for taxi hunting). I am proud of it till now.

I had never thought that I will study anything related to computer because truth is, when I was younger, I really hate computers.

Ironically, I got lost (along my teenage life and messed things up) and ended up in APIIT.

I rebuilt my life in APIIT and enrolled into DF9907 and volunteered as class representative.

First year was really challenging and fun. I hadn't done any computer programming in my life and wasn't sure if I can do anything about it.

The first programming exposure was creating algorithm for Fibonaci series. I got stuck initially but I tried. Eventually, I got light about computer programming.

I started to enjoy it and spent most of first year in APIIT doing computer programming especially in the Unix lab.

The proudest moment was when I created a tic-tac-toe games with cursor using Unix COBOL. Hey, that was great you know. And I got praises from people all over.

I felt talented.

When it came second year, my confidence was crushed.

It started when I was switching from Unix based programming to Windows event based programming. I was supposed to do a client server program using VB6 Winsock and I got stuck. Somehow, the event and object-oriented thingy was confusing. I started to question my future in programming.

Even though the project was completed eventually, second year wasn't all that great.

The final year thesis was a great challenge. I really wanted to prove myself and being a risk taker, I proceed with my plans of doing a big project. I almost failed but eventually the project was a success and even the lecturer thinks that I got some stuffs to prove.

Ok, confident soared but that was a tough one.

So, landed the first job as computer programmer for a manufacturing company where me and a few guys were supposed to build the in-house ERP system. Wow! that was really ambitious you know.

If you want to know the truth, I can tell you that whatever skills you have in college will not be good enough in the real world. All of sudden, I realized that there are just so much to learn and seemed like never ending. It was that time which I began to do my own research.

By 1.5 years, I decided that I really hate computer programming and had no future for it. I felt that I was wasting time and I had to find ways to make millions.

I quit and went to sales and marketing. I did that for about 4 years and hadn't make million.

And to amaze you more, I quit sales and marketing and went back to computer programming since 2008; literally starting from scratch (but not really). It is more like a continuation.

It wasn't easy, in fact it was really tough. The first challenge was to find out where I have messed up and started fixing from there. What I mean by this is that I knew that I had to figure out where I had left out and what I didn't understand during that time and what computer programming concepts which went wrong.

Slowly and eventually(step by step, day by day), I conquered the past and master new skills.

And today, I see future in computer programming.

I am not yet famous, but I see future.

What I wanted to share here is that what kept me going was not everything about passion, it was more about worthiness.

If you are caught in such situation, you got to really think about what is worth it. For me it was basically one idea; which is if I can develop a software and sell it, I will make 100% profit. And everything is within my control. That sounds a better strategy to make millions than to sell products of others.

Furthermore, I was looking for something with accumulation effects; the longer you do, the better. And software development seemed fit.

So, when I was at a crossroad two years ago, I really suffered, lonely and unsure. But I thought about what is worth it ?

Today, I am not working as CTO of Microsoft or being a chief programmer of Google, but what I am doing is worthy to me and relevant to the industry.

When things are tough, think about worthiness and try to work around your area of interests and passions.

You have come this far, and how many more to go ?

You also need courage and a lot of it.

I will end with a quote of mine.

"I knew that I didn't choose this life, I just know what to do next." ~ Brandon Teoh.

Good luck dude.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Missing Deadline is like Missing Goal

You have worked hard, but yet still missed.

And who cares you have worked hard ?

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Last nite actually din sleep much, so excited !

Last night (5 June 2010) actually din sleep much, so excited !

Actually nothing much happened. But sure got secrets one..haha.

I won't tell you.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

One Needs Charisma To Compete On Top

As I am watching the match between Lin Dan and Taufik Hidayat (Thomas Cup Final 2010).

I find that charisma is not just something which will give you better edge, it is a must.

The reason is because with technology advances, people will equal in terms of physical strengths.

Without charisma, it is hard to maintain the pressure.

Check out the match.

Saturday, May 22, 2010











佛光山的三好运动也可以积福。 说好话,做好事,存好心。


Friday, May 21, 2010

Tony Pua - Stagnating income, increasing cost and weak infrastructure.

Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua highlighted a three-cornered situation that many Malaysian urbanites were trapped in – stagnating income, increasing cost and weak infrastructure.

Check out details.

I totally agreed.

10 years ago, a fresh graduate with ICT capabilities can get about RM 1,600.00 to RM 2,200.00.

Engineers will be able to command higher pay like RM 2,200 to RM 2,500.

And today. It is still the same, if not lower.

I don't think that Malaysian (those people around me) has improved in terms of competitiveness, but we have improved in terms of coping with new trends such as adoption of online social interactions, politic debating and etc.

I think we need to eat less, spend less, travel less and improve quality of life by means of non-materialistic realization.

How ? Such as going picnic with love ones by eating air and kisses. Do you reckon ?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Sunday, May 09, 2010

Ip Man 2 - The Best Movie of 2010 So Far

Write in mandarin first (translate later). Certain things are more meaningful in Chinese (don't know why)..





练武功,就好像修行 (修佛)。 是一种意识,是一种人生大事,是一种做人必须做的事。


这套电影最令我感动的是 。。。 它啦出了我的感情(男人泪)。

现在的人真的太忙了,忙什么 ? 忙社会渐渐减少的出人头地的机会。



English version..

Took my parents for Ip Man 2 (for mother's day). One Utama at 11:30am still had plenty of parking space at the fourth floor.

This is by far the best movie of 2010. Thumbs up!

It is a story which centers around the the lives of chinese people around 1950, shortly after world war 2 which was considered as modern Hong Kong under British rule.

I am in love with the lifestyle of the people during that time, and I always like to believe that I belong to the past. I just got here by time machine.

Life were simple, love were real.

Simple life doesn't necessary means poor life, it is like if you have eaten too much, should you eat again or just because you have to eat 3 meals per day ? I really like to bet that people those days don't have the habit of eating 3 meals, that is perhaps they were healthier.

Friendship based on integrity was a rule of thumb. This concept of life is still in existence, but it is regarded as obsolete and practitioners will most likely be regarded as weak and ineffective. If you still believe in it, you got to do it behind the scenes.

Practicing martial arts is like spiritual cultivation. It is a meaning of life, or something which you must do before you die.

The movie character Ip Man lives his life with humbleness, integrity and strong determination. Money will never supersede meanings. This is a way of life which I think will leave you without regrets. It is a great way of life.

The best part of this movie is that it really brings the emotions out of me.

We are just about 60 years forward, and things are so different now. That is why the movie is worth it.

Everybody is busy trying grab the ever dwindling opportunities in the society. Perhaps we can all stop for a while and go watch Ip Man 2 to the least.

Happy mother's day!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Why is diabetes a threat to kidneys ?

Taken from NKF Newsletter (2010 Issue 1) - PP9314/08/2010 (025329)

Millions of blood vessels act as filter inside a kidney. Their job is to remove waste products from the blood. When blood vessels in the kidneys are injured, kidneys cannot clean the blood properly. The body will retain more water and salt than it should, which can result in weight gain and ankle swelling. Also, waste materials will not be filtered out of the blood any longer.

The tiny filters in the kidneys are damaged and the kidneys can slowly fail. If permanent kidney failure develops this would be fatal unless the affected person receives a kidney transplant or long term dialysis treatment.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The religion that will do that for you is the best religion - By Dalai Lama

Check out details.

Whatever makes you
  • more compassionate,
  • more sensible,
  • more detached,
  • more loving,
  • more humanitarian,
  • more responsible,
  • more ethical.”

“The religion that will do that for you is the best religion”

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vick Ryan NEEDs Financial Assistance

Vick Ryan Vitus, was born on 22nd May 2007, at Hospital Likas, Kota Kinabalu. The third child of three siblings, Vick Ryan use to be an active and cheerful kid, though shrouded with an uncertain future.

At the age of less than four months, Vick Ryan was rushed to Likas Children's Hospital for lung infection, commonly known as pneumonia. Since that date, Likas Hospital is a second home for Vick Ryan. Vick Ryan’s parent was told by Doctors that he was a child that are “sensitive with small thorax”.

On 27th November 2009, Vick Ryan life has changed completely. After several days of fever and cough, he become breathless and turn “blue”. He was rushed to the Damai Specialist Center, to be treated by Pediatrician, Dr. Jeffery Soon. Immediately, Dr. Jeffery Soon refers Vick Ryan to Likas Hospital with diagnosis of Pneumonia and Asphyxiating Thoracic dystrophy (Jeune's Syndrome).

Check out details.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sacrifice Vs Trying Your Best

If I want to change the world, I have to sacrifice, not just trying my best.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

It Is High Time To Live Frugally

Five billionaires who are reportedly to live frugal lifestyles.

I think now is high time to explore such possibility.

Technology is getting cheaper, thus you actually don't have to pay a lot more to get similar high tech stuff. The casualty will be the vendors, however if vendors can practice the same frugal lifestyles, then all will be balance back ?

Sometimes it is also important to mix with the right group of friends; frugal friends.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Just Had A Hair Cut

I need to try to look my best...


Sometimes people thinks that you offended them for not doing so.

na... just a joke.

Just had a hair-cut.

Actually my hair is really hard to maintain, coz it is rough.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cervical Cancer Basics

Taken from Makna Neoplasia (Newsletter) Issue 3/2009.

Cervical cancer begins with cancerous cells that grow on the surface of the cervix, the passageway that connects a woman's uterus to the vagina. We now know that infection with human papillomavirus, or HPV, is the primary risk factor for cervical cancer, but not all women with HPV infection will develop cancer.

 Common risk factors

It has been published that women who don't get screened are the ones who are at highest risk. The high risk category also includes women who have weak immune systems (due to HIV infection, for example) and those who smoke.

Cervical Cancer Symptoms: What to look for ?

Women should tell their doctors or gynecologists if they see the following symptoms of cervical cancer:

- Unusual bleeding (such as spotting between periods, bleeding after menopause, bleeding after sexual intercourse, or bleeding after a vaginal exam or douching. You should also look for unusual vaginal discharge and signs of pain in the pelvic region.

Check out full details.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

KIA Forte - Looks Good

The reason I think this car is cool is because it supports the idea of spend less for more.

Check out reviews by

The cheapest model is 1.6 L costing RM 75,800.00 while the 2.0 L model costs only RM 93,800.00. Check out details here.

But honestly, I don't really fancy the name Forte. While I think the brand of NAZA sound cooler than KIA.

It is categorized as small-car and rivals with Honda Civic, Toyota Altis, Mazda 3 and etc.

And it doesn't seem to offer fully manual transmission,except that it offers semi manual transmission.

Check out more information here.

Nevertheless, even if I want to buy it, it will still be like at least 9 months away. By that time, perhaps there will be another cooler automobile out in the market.

So, this is definitely not my priority.

Friday, March 26, 2010

KL To Puchong - Rapid KL Bus Number 69

I sent my car for service today and decided to take bus to office (Bandar Puteri Puchong). This is for two reasons:
  1. Take a break, do some photography
  2. If I take a taxi from Kelana Jaya LRT station to Bandar Puteri Puchong, it will cost me RM 20.00 per trip.
I have to take a bus from Klang bus stand near Pasar seni.

The bus to take is Rapid KL No.69

Dayabumi complex and the post office HQ. The best part of the post office is the car park, which if you dare, you can actually enter the car park and drive all the way and exit to somewhere in Jalan Parlimen. It is fun. But honestly, I haven't tried it as driver. Will do that one day if it is still available.

This is Klang Bus Stand.

This is how Rapid KL Buses look like.

The bus fare per trip is RM 3.00

It will travel to Brickfields, then into federal highway (briefly), then into Old Klang Road, jalan puchong and that is it.

Actually if you are traveling with LRT, you can take the bus from Brickfields (KL Sentral stop).

Open Response to 'It's Terribly Lonely To Be Single'

Refer to 'It's Terrible Lonely To Be Single'.

I don't believe in the idea of 'first-rated woman'.

This world and especially our society, needs to creatively find ways to live quality lifestyles, by all means of solving the problems with low incomes, traffic jams and etc.

Technology can help.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Believing... Is Probably The Only Thing that Matters

Believe, is not something which you can describe easily.

If you believe in ideals, it doesn't mean that you are striving for perfection, which most people understand that it doesn't exist in this world.

But yet, if you don't believe, you are probably just breathing the air, without living the moment.

You got to believe.

Believing is probably the only thing that matters, without, you can't make a dent.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mammograms May Actually Boost the Risk of Breast Cancer in Some High-risk Women

Taken from Makna Neoplasia (newsletter) issue 3/2009.

Dutch researchers analysed six previously published studies, four examining the effect of low-dose radition exposure from mammography among women with the genetic mutation boosting breast cancer risk and tow looking at the effect of radition from screening in women with a family history of breast cancer.

"Women who were exposed before the age of 20 had a 2.5 times increased risk of breast cancer," said Martine Jansen-van der Weide, an epidemiologist and researcher at the University Medical Center Groningen, in the Netherlands. So did women with five or more exposures.

We cannot say for sure for or against mammograms but while many medical experts still recommend regular mammograms, which take an x-ray like photograph of the breast, to detect small tumours, opposition to the practice is growing.

You have options Tumours that grow in the breast are fed by blood vessels generated by the cancer, this means that those blood vessels are not controlled by the automatic nervous system like the rest of the blood vessels in the breast. A non-invasive and no-squishing method for detecting masses in the breast is available. Ask your doctor about a new method called thermography, that uses thermal imaging to detect "hot spots" in the breast.

Check out the details.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Will To Survive: Ovarian Cancer

This is taken from Makna Neoplasia (newsletter) issue 3/2009.

Puan Hamidah Binti Abu Bakar, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 51. The early symptoms she felt were dismissed as normal signs of aging woman. Her distended stomach, lack of breath and appetite eventually made her uncomfortable that she sought a doctor's opinion. In Feb 2006, a blood test and a CT scan proved positive that Puan Hamidah is affected with ovarian cancer and shockingly, it had progressed to Stage 4. Nevertheless, Puan Hamidah had no choice but to face facts and began her treatment as a cancer patient.

Check out the full featured story.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kopitiam at around 7:30am (Bandar Puteri Puchong)

This is the kopitiam at around 7:30am. There was virtually no one there. But I was there.

It has a economical vegetarian stall. As for non-vegetarian, the dried pan-mee is good, and I also think the fish head meehoon is good as well. It used to have a Thai style stall which I think the fried rice was good, but has shifted to elsewhere.

It is just opposite PappaRich Bandar Puteri Puchong. If you don't know where is Bandar Puteri Puchong, it is where Citibank is.

View Larger Map

You can find me here (around this area) most of the time whenever I am around the office.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Didn't Sleep on the night of 13 Mar 2010 and Morning of 14 Mar 2010

Last night I was so excited about something that I really couldn't sleep for the whole night, probably just hibernating.

Yet physically I was tired, but that was okay.

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!! So exciting.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hey wow! I can't Sleep Tonight

Wow! Today I have done something that I have been waiting so long to do.

I went to temple (佛光山@SS3 P.J) and woohoo! I did it.

Man, I'm so excited. Can't sleeeep tonight.

Seriously I tell you guys, I feel like spending you all supper!!!



I did iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Got Brain, No Money - Also Difficult

If you makes a lot of money, but no brain, also difficult.

If you got brain, but makes no money, also die.

Must maintain balance.

Komtar at 9 Mar 2010

Overlooking from Cititel Penang hotel.

Do you know how to create this merged picture ? Using Adobe Photoshop/Automate/Photomerge feature.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Penang Trip 9 Mar 2010 - Business Trip

This is called the Happy Birthday Mee. It can be found at Jalan Krian. It is non-vegetarian (don't eat the fish ball lar)

Komtar.. who don't know.

Loh mee, not bad. RM 3.00 (It is non-vegetarian, don't eat the first ball lar).

This restaurant looks cool lar from inside.

I like this house.

It is situated at Lorong Selamat.

View Larger Map

Monday, March 08, 2010

Lorong Bukit Raja

Do you know where I am ?

Look at the buildings at the far back ..

It is here.. Not easy to find.

View Larger Map

Do u know what these korean words means ?

There is a mamak there.

I went there with my friend, checking out the temples.

That is right, we went to visit two temples along federal highway. And the funny thing is that these two temples were locked. Need to press door bell to get in.

Sunday, February 28, 2010










心结一天不解,可能永远都拖累你 (我不敢肯定)。





那,我是不是有心结还没解呢 ?哈,你去猜猜看。。你的答案不一定准,我也不会告诉你。


如何修心 ?












如果狗有感情,你见到狗在流泪,你会不会去安慰它 ?会, 因为你有慈悲心。因为你理解,这是有情世界,因为你有情。因为你不忍心看它伤心。



Thursday, February 25, 2010

Maybank ATM Incident #1

Got this from an email.

Personally, I have witnessed this at Maybank Uptown P.J.

There was a couple (man and woman) who looks very middle eastern. I was queuing up for the ATM. It was crowded at around 8pm. They were doing almost the same thing as what was described below.

After a failed attempt, they walked away.

They usually do their operations after office hours and I find that Maybank do not employ security guard after office hours.

This afternoon around 5:30 pm I was at Queensbay Mall Penang, doing some financial payments (credit card, mobile and etc). I went to the 1st floor Maybank ATM to withdraw some money.

As the ATM was finalizing my payment, someone tapped me on the shoulder. Naturally I turned around, and there was this stocky Middle Eastern man (around 5 ft. 2 in., fair complexion), pointing to some money on the floor (around RM30+, there were 3-10 ringgit and several 1 ringgit notes).

He said “ I saw you drop your money just now.”
Coincidently today I have some bundled spare notes in my shirt pocket. So I picked up the ringgits on the floor. Suddenly a lady also of Middle Eastern descent – shoulder length curly hair, fair complexion, 5 ft. 3 in., said to me “It’s my money!”

Then the man told her, “No, I saw him dropping it – while pointing to me.”

Instantly I checked my shirt pocket, with a quick glance I felt and saw my bundle of spare notes was intact. Without any hesitation, I passed the money to the lady and said, “It’s your money, not mine.”

Within split second, I turned back to the ATM and saw a male person's hand (did not see the face) was approaching for my ATM card that the machine automatically return upon finishing a transaction. Out of natural instinct, I slapped on the wrist of the person’s hand that was trying to take my ATM card. And the person quickly walked off, I did not have a chance to look at the face as I was waiting for the ATM to dispense out my RM1,500.

All this happened within 2-3 seconds. When I finally got my cash and turned around, the Middle Eastern man and woman have disappeared including the taller male person who was trying to take my ATM card and most possibly my cash. I quickly went down the escalator to see where they have gone, I managed to catch a glimpse of the Middle Eastern lady as she was going down the escalator but then she also quickly vanished.

If I had been slightly doubtful of my own cash in my shirt pocket OR being greedy, I would most likely had my RM1,500 stolen. The job of the Middle Eastern man and lady was to create a diversion and confusion, while another person was responsible to snatch the cash out of the machine while I was not looking.

This could happen in any mall and there were some people withdrawing from few other machines as well. So it was not a totally secluded condition. I firmly believed they were not the only group in Penang or Malaysia.

Points to be on high alert:

1. If somebody taps your shoulder while you are withdrawing from the ATM, make sure you are mindful of your surroundings and especially focus on taking your money first.

2. Their usual trick is to create confusion. Focus on what you are doing.

3. Best is to have a friend with you when you go to the ATM.

Please let everyone you know of this incident. Especially now when nearing the festive seasons, they are preying on your bonus and salary!

GK Ham

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cancer Can Be Prevented Too

Check out the 'Cancer Can Be Prevented Campaign'
  • Stop tobacco use and avoid exposure to second-hand smoke
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure
  • Maintain a healthy weight, through eating healthily and exercising regularly
  • Protect against cancer-causing infections

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Husband and Wife Joint Bank Account

Got this from email.

I just thought that this is helpful.

Just to share with you one recent article i read and shocked me a lot. It happens in west Malaysia , husband and wife and 1 son. Husband pass away due to accident, husband has a RM50k joint saving account with wife, what happen is the wife / like most
people think,when husband pass away, she will get the money automatically since it is joint account. But to her surprise, She could not withdraw even a single cent!! Joint saving account is meant for convenience when spouse need it the most, but most people always assume once the other holder dies, another half will get the money automatically which is very wrong.

I would like to share my opinion with all of you, you may take it as educational thoughts or for you to be aware. When one person dies, the other joint holder of the saving account will get the money automatically only if that particular bank practise 'JOINT TENANCY' - this terms means one party die, the other joint party gets money automatically.

But unfortunately, not all banks practise JOINT TENANCY, some foreign banks practise and most local banks don't practise, If you want to be sure, just ask your bank is their joint saving account based on JOINT TENANCY, if it is yes, get the black and white.

Can u all imagine, when husband pass away, the wife already suffer emotional loss, now suffering the problem of having 'NO MONEY' although it is in join account. Because of husband ignorance, now the wife and son pay for it.

So, the question right now is which bank in Malaysia offers JOINT TENANCY joint account ?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Personal Story of Hearth Attack

Ok, got this from email.

Supposedly coming from someone called 'Zul' from Penang, Malaysia.

I think this is helpful and inspiring.

Here the story starts.

I thought of sharing my recent experience with all of you with the hope that you could gain something from it. Note the symptoms and warning signs that i will be relating. Suspecting that your are getting heart attack and making your way as fast as possible to the hospital, I think, is the key to surviving it.

So here is my story…

It was late Saturday night and I was watching a documentary on Nat. Geo. Everyone had gone to bed hours earlier. My wife had been preparing to leave for her one week trip to Institute Aminuddin Baki at Genting Highland the next morning.
It started with pain around the shoulder region spreading to the arms. My neck felt very uncomfortable. It’s something I always get whenever I sit in a weird position for an extended time (in this case I am sitting where the TV is on my right side so I have to turn my head when watching) or I also gets it after hours in front of the computer. So I though, it’s because of the way I was sitting that causes it but I had only sat there for about 10 minutes. Earlier, I was sitting comfortable with the TV straight. So I decided I should just go to bed. After all its already about 1:30 in the morning.

Normally, lying flat on the bed helps as I have done so many times after sitting for hours in front of a computer.
Just as I was going up the stairs, I started to feel a little dizzy and my stomach feels weird and warm. When I got in the bedroom, the a/c was on and it was quite cool. I lie down on the bed. Minutes later I started to sweat- cold sweat. The sweating was so bad that it started dripping from my head and the back of my ears. My stomach feels like I have eaten too much (I did not really ate a lot that night…it just felt that way). It feels as if it I am having a bad case of indigestion and heartburn. Minutes later I started to feel like I am going to puke. It’s the same feeling when you get a severe headache, sweat and feels like you are going to vomit (but this time no headache).

I got up, went downstairs and grab myself minyak cap limau. I always keep this handy for stomach discomfort or “angin”. The sweating is getting worst and as I sat on the sofa, sweat started to drip on to the floor. There was so much of it that my shirt is all wet so I took it off and put my shirt on the floor where the sweat was dripping.
I drank a glass of warm water and decided to go back to the bedroom. The dizziness is still there. My arms felt numb all the way to my fingers. I thought if I could get some sleep then all of these would go away. So I lie down on the bed. I was so sleepy that in between awake and sleep I could tune to my heart beat. It sounded weird, irregular. At this point my breathing was very heavy. The warm in my stomach feels like its moving up to the chest area.

I keep thinking and trying to figure out what was going on. Is it just “angin” or indigestion or is it due to food poisoning.
I got up, went to the toilet and tried to make myself puke but couldn’t. So I came back into the bedroom and sits at the edge of the bed.. My face was already very pale, I feel very tired and the sweating was still very bad, dripping on the floor . Still sitting on the edge of the bed and feeling very tired and sleepy, I remember asking my sister in law a year earlier about the symptoms she had when she had a heart attack and it seems all the symptoms are there. I still could not believe that I am having a heart attack.

About half an hour had passed and I am still about 50-50 whether to wake up and inform my wife. Then I thought…if this is really a heart attack, then I could die tonight. I thought of my lovely wife and my kids and finally decided to wake my wife up and inform her what is going on.. She was surprised to see my shirt was all wet and my face very pale and sweat dripping. I told her that the symptom I am having is very much like the one her sister had told me and that we should go to hospital.

It only took us about 15 minutes to make it to the hospital. When we arrived at the emergency ward, I could barely walk. I was so tired and was having difficulty breathing. I was immediately asked to lie down and an ECG was performed. An oxygen tube was placed in my nostril and I can see nurses and hospital assistants running towards me. At this point the pain had spread to the jaw and teeth.

The nurses started to poke my wrist and the back of my hands with needles. A drip was connected to my right arm while at the same time a machine that controls a small bottle of medicine was injected on my left hand. I was asked to place a small tablet of medicine under my tongue.

Half an hour later the sweating stops and it feels a little better. In the meantime, my wife who was still waiting outside was still not informed of what had happened to me. It was 2 hours later that she started to inquire what is happening and she was told that I had suffered a major heart attack.

After completing two bottles of drips, I was then pushed into the ICU. ECG/EKG was performed every half an hour for the rest of the night as well as throughout the next day. When the doctor came in the morning, I was informed that I had suffered a major heart attack.

On the scale of 0 to 10, where 0 means alive and 10 means dead, the doctor asked me where I think I stood. I thought for awhile and said 6.5. He said no and said that it was actually about a 9.5. I was so shocked. The doctor then started to give me a cardio 101 lesson and explained that they had injected me with the strongest clot busting drug in the world when I arrived. Clot buster thins the blood and helped to ensure blood continue to flow but does not really solve the blockage problem.

I suppose the clot buster is almost similar to the chemical we use in our kitchen sink when it gets clogged.
After 4 days in ICU I was confirmed stable and plans were being made to move me for further observation in the general ward. An appointment was made with the heart specialist in Penang GH but I had to queue for about a month before I could even see the doctor and performing an angiogram/angioplasty would then take another couple of months.
I decided I do not want to wait and asked the doctor whether I could be transferred to a private hospital. The doctor was very helpful and recommended a specialist for me at the KPJ hospital in Bandar Perda. He called up the doctor (Dr Safari) and make arrangements to send me there.

When I arrived at about 7pm, Doctor Safari greeted me. He said I was very lucky and that the fast action of going to the hospital saved me. He then scheduled for an angiogram and also an angioplasty immediately the next morning. An angiogram is to see how bad the clot was and where it is. It is also to determine the condition of the other coronary arteries (there are 3 main ones). A balloon angioplasty is to clear the blockage in the artery thus allowing blood to flow again.
The procedure took several hours with only little pain and discomfort. Although the procedure is safer than an open heart surgery, it is still dangerous and could be life threatening. A flexible catheter is injected into the groin artery and then guided all the way up to the heart. Then a dye was injected and on the x-ray screen you could determine where the blockage was. I still have an 80% blockage (the clot buster I guess managed to clear about 20% which helped to allow blood to flow back into my heart. It did not resolve the problem in whole). Was told that when a blood flow to the heart is blocked, any portion of the heart that did not get enough blood and oxygen would then die off, permanently. This then causes the heart to be weak and disrupt its efficiency. Mine was considered a major because the clog happens in the main artery which could damage a huge portion of the heart below it.

Once the blockage is determined, a small balloon is inflated to push the clogs against the artery walls and a drug coated stent (a sort of wire mesh tube) is placed to ensure the arteries do not collapse again. When the balloon is deflated and removed, the stent stays and overtime would become part of the coronary artery. The stent is treated with some types of drugs to prevent a recurrence of abnormal narrowing due to further clotting of the blood since it is made of metal and it attracts blood platelet to stick to it. I was not able to walk or even move my right leg the first 6 hours after the procedure. I spent another day in the hospital and was released the next day with a month long MC.

So what were the symptoms again?
  1. Pain around neck and shoulder region and spreading to the arms(in my case it was the left arm).
  2. Feeling of indigestion and/or heartburn. Feel warm in the stomach that slowly moves up to the chest.
  3. Pressure, fullness or pain in the center of the chest
  4. Sudden weakness, dizziness, fainting, sweating, nausea or shortness of breath

Some people (men) have the classic symptoms of severe pain in the chest (feels like someone is squeezing your heart) but I only felt a little pain when I was already in hospital. The above 4 symptoms however, should be generally true to heart attacks in both men and women.

If you suspect you are getting a heart attack. Go quickly to the hospital. Every second counts.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Attention: Patients with Diabetes

I got this from the NKF Newsletter 2009 Issue 3.

You are at high risk for heart disease, kidney failure and blindness. To prevent these complications you must achieve the following targets:
  • HbA1c: < 6.5%
  • Fasting Blood Sugar : 4.4 - 6.1 mmol/L
  • Blood Presuree: < 130/80 mmHg
  • LDL-Cholesterol: < 2.6 mmol/L
  • Waist Circumference : Male < 90cm. Female < 80cm.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Waiting For a Transplant

I got this from the NKF Newsletter 2009 Issue 3.

Chan Jin Feng, 22 years, a graduate in Business Information Systems from University Tunku Abdual Rahman in 2008, works today as an IT Assistant while waiting for the day when he can undergo a kidney transplant.

Friday, January 01, 2010




这个理论也许是对,也许是错。但是如果你觉得是对,那你还会不会去做那一万样东西 ?



当你有这种感觉时, 我觉得你应该去做吧。