Sunday, December 28, 2008

Visit to Dong Zen FGS Malaysia

First of all, check out the what it is and where it is.

The tricky part is as you approached the round about forking to Carey Island, what you are going to anticipate before making the right turn, right ?

A better map would be this one...

After the roundabout (Carey Island), go straight until you hit the second traffic light on your right, take right turn and go straight until you see Dong Zen on your right.

If you are going from Sunway Toll, the journey to Dong Zen would be around 50km (one way).

You can use the opposite direction to go home.

It is not really a big place, in fact it looks smaller now with most of the compound being put to good use compared to a few years ago when there were still many vacant lands..

This is a good place to come occasionally if you think that Buddhism is your way. Trust me, if you go with open heart, you will feel the power.

Of course, on that day itself, we had chance to check out the relic's of the real lord Buddha which is being put in place to anticipate for the exhibition show during CNY 2009. It was at this point which I felt the Buddha's light shone through my soul, I was overcome briefly.

The best gift that I got during that visit ....

Check out events for CNY 2009 at Dong Zen.

最好的礼物是忠言;最好的修养是宽恕。 This is a wisdom, this is a dharma and if properly appreciated and put to practice, I can achieve enlightenment (to a certain level) in this life.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Earth Stood Still - Good Movie

I have just watched The Day The Earth Stood Still, it is a good movie. Entertaining and worthy.

The best part is Jennifer Connelly whom I think really played her role well, she is so convincing that her eyes are able to do the talking. Keanu Reeves played his role well too, I think he is the best person to suit the role of alien and as cool as ever. Brad Pitt may not play that part well. Kathy Bates is great too.

The disappointment is that the ending is cut short, I would expect Helen to kiss Klaatu and also Klaatu to have talked to the UN.

Friday, December 05, 2008

StarCraft Strategy (Tips) For Beginner

Playing computer game is helpful to exercise your brain.

I am just started to play Starcraft now.

  • Attack with multiple units at the same target

  • Exposure surrounding (Comset) to prevent surprise attacks.

  • Attack enemy's supply depot first. This will cut them off the ability to build more armies quickly.

    Anyway, we should be playing Starcraft II now.