Friday, April 12, 2013

Superman movie shouldn't be realistic, it should be the opposite

I am a fan of Superman movie.

Words out there which reviewed that the upcoming movie is going to be something realistic and down to earth ? In fact, I feel that it shouldn't be that way.

Superman movie should extend beyond our imagination; going beyond the galaxy and etc, for a simple reason -  being Superman is really too boring without big enemies and threats - there is no point worrying about Earthly issues.

Movie makers must be able to give audience something which is heavenly, something celestial and galactic-nature given that Superman is hailed from another distant planet; an alien.

Therefore, it definitely makes no sense of trying to blend Superman into the real world of USA, lest making similar mistake of The Dark Knight Rises where it was told that Batman exists in a the city of Gotham which is part of USA and he only fights crime in Gotham - come' on guys - why don't US government engage Batman to fight in wars ?

And yes, a real Superman has no place on Earth, lest one has to pretend as Clark Kent.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Marine Turtles Are Still in Crisis. WWF Needs Your Help!

The marine turtles have been on Earth for well over 100 million years, surviving even the demise of dinosaurs. Yet today, their numbers continue to plummet in most parts of the world.

Malaysia is fortunate to host four species of marine turtles out of the seven species worldwide.

Most of us are aware that marine turtles population faces escalation of threats that consist of beach erosion and coastal development, egg-collection,fishery-related mortality and pollution.

Sadly, only 1 out of 10,000 hatchlings survives to adulthood.

What most of us do not know is that:
  • Green turtles are largely herbivorous and their constant grazing help to increase the health and growth rate of the sea grass beds which are essential in supporting other marine species. This vast biomass provides food, habitat, and nursery areas for a myriad of fish, shrimps, crabs, seahorse, etc.
  • Hawksbill turtles are one of the very few marine species that feed on sponges and play a caretaker role in healthy reef systems which hlep to sustain thriving populations of fish and other marine creatures.

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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Send Greetings to Wild Tiger Rangers Now!

WWF is having another round of WWF’s Tigers Alive Initiative (TAI) which aims to raise funds to provide rangers with better trainings and equipments - rangers protect wild tigers from dangers such as poaching activities around the globe.

I have sent one e-card to Shatrughan Lal, Forest Guard, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve.

Why not be part of the initiative to support endangered tigers preservation ?

Send an e-card now.

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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Angels Among Us - NKF's Share Newsletter Issue 1 / 2013

Kidney failure is not something to be taken lightly.Kidney patients have to go through difficult period in their lives; dialysis treatment of 3 time per week 4 hours each session; undergoing emotional distress such as depression; facing financial stress.

What can one do to make the world better?
  • Get more knowledge and understanding about dialysis and end-stage kidney failure.
  • Become compassionate and show love for others - especially for kidney patient.
  • Be positive and radiate positive energy - especially for kidney patient..
  • Be responsible and modest about diet, likewise encourage kidney patient to pay attention to their diets.
  • Become an organ donor.
  • Support preventive education on kidney diseases & kidney care.
  • Get health screening from time to time.
  • Support NKF.

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