Saturday, May 25, 2013

As few as 500 tigers in Malaysia only - today

The tiger numbers in Malaysia have fallen by over 80% since 1950's - down from 3,000 to as few as 500 tigers today - due to poaching, habitat loss and or fragmentation and lost of their preys - such as deer and wild pig.

The world has already lost three sub-species of tigers: the Caspian, the Balinese and the Javan tiger - the South China Tiger is feared to have suffered the same fate since they have not been sighted for the last 30 years - the Malaysian tiger is 1 of 9 subspecies of tigers.

Today, tigers are rarely spotted and can mainly be found in the Belum-Temengor Forest Complext, Taman Negara and The Endau Rompin Complex.

The illegal trade in wildlife is the third largest form of organised crime in the world after the arms and drugs trades.

And tigers are losing homes - it is currently estimated that only 45% of Peninsular Malaysia is still forested.

WWF employs a team of tiger rangers around the world to fight poachers and protect tigers from other dangers.

More updates from WWF-Malaysia.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A huge difference between want to believe and believe

Unfortunately, there is a huge difference want to believe and believe in something.