Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Caesar 3 : Cartigo

This is a difficult scenario. With frequent attacks. limited farming area and houses keep burning down.

1. Must know how to preserve army, otherwise, you will waste money and funds. Sept 161 BC, army will come from North-East, be sure to get ready army standby at that location because it s very unlikely that you will get to build a lot of walls and towers since that area has high concentration of farming ground. Try to not let any part of the city destroy, especially the farm which otherwise it will throw u into recession. The will be another similar attack on Sept 154 BC (after the attack of local uprising).

2. Build small huts to remote locations where employees are needed, such as location where towers are built. As soon as these places have been attended by employees, remove the these huts (which are unlikely to have full facilities) to avoid it becoming high crime areas. High crime areas are due to resident not having their request met.

3. Try to achieve the population quota by creating new residential area whenever you have enough funds, this is to engage into prolonged wars with enemies which would potentially destroy your city.

4. Without enough food supplier, houses will burn out by itself. Build at least 3 market and prefecture within a 9x9 residential area and import wheat.