Sunday, August 13, 2006

world war and free world

Does this world deserves another world war ?

All I know is that when there is a world war, the gate of hell would open.

Wives and husbands run away to seek better partners, society breaks down, desire runs wild.

There will be no borders, no social status, no race …

There is no difference between rich and poor, perhaps the only difference is rich and poor mind..

Is that the free world we are looking for ? or is that the condemned world ?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Do u believe in end times ?

People are worried that current events in the middle east is a sign towards the end time as prophesized in the bible. [source here]

Well, if you believe in the bible.. . then you have reasons to go nuts...

Otherwise, I attended a talk from a professor specializes in literature... he is a no-christian and he examines current middle-east crisis in a practical manner..

According to him, there will be no war because non of the big powers ever wanted war.. thus, he said current crisis is only a small fight.

Personally, I think that if the world is going into a bad shape, one day it will have to restart the operating system.