Saturday, December 09, 2006

Invisible hand

I have just read a book.. it is called "I'm not sick, just a bit unwell - Life with Neurofibromatosis" by Yvonne Foong; winner of the 2005 Dream Malaysia Award.

Yvonne Foong was born and raised in Malaysia. She enjoys writting, reading and devoting her time to charity causes and social developments. She has done freelance assignments for newspaper and magazine.

The book is about her story (yes, most people has a story, i know some don't) and her cause.

Interesting quotes from this book...

A Rude Doctor:
- He lacked compassion and the human touch.
- Praise the lord for teaching me so early in life to be grateful for the things that I have.

- It is strange how we have to go through difficult times in order to appreciate the simplier things in life.
- NF has taught me an invaluable lesson, never be ashamed of one's modesty.

The smile on my face:
- Unless she had gone through the same surgery, she could never comprehend my feelings.

When there's a will, there's a way:
- Life may not be a bed of roses all the time, but the human spirit has no boundaries.

Knowing him:
I started to pray...
I told the lord about my life, my dilemmas and my questions about him.
It was as though I was talking to an old friend. As I carried on, the entire room seemed to light up. I was filled with happiness and a poignant feeling came over my heart as though someone had just presented me with a gift.

God must have heard my cries, because soon after, he began revealing my destiny. I hope that my story will inspire million of less fortunate people around the world to continue believing in God and live life to the fullest.

You just have to read it yourself...


There are three types of people in this world.

1. People who suffer on behalf of others... such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, Yvonne Foong and etc.
2. People who take things for granted.
3. People who bridge the abovementioned two types of people.

I don't suffer from NF... but I was once sicked big time (at least by my standard). I could level with how Yvonne feels about life. I like to consider myself as belonging to type 1, however as it may not seem easy and I think I will settle with type 3; definitely not type 2.