Tuesday, November 16, 2004

time flies

without realizing it.. I have been working for current company for almost one year... and I felt like still really new to it...

and I could feel the flesh of those people whom i worked for during previous job...

so, what is my job ?? I joined this company doing marketing.. I was resigned and they countered offered me to be General Manager.. coz my general manager was going on long extended leave.. I thought abt it and decided to finish the war which i started.. I took the offer and decided on assistant general manager.. how much is my pay ?? u guess.

i know how to run the whole business well.. the fact is it is not really a complicated one.. most of the time I am doing fire-fighting.. we are in air-time trading business.

I am starting a project called "Domite" .. I wouldn't tell u what it is until something is out..
isn't it a nice name ?? now it is copyrighted to me, ok ?