Sunday, November 28, 2004

no revenue

I realized that these days.. there is plenty of jobs around but company just couldn't make up enough revenue to pay the staff..

In my company for instance, we always needed people..but just either the cost is too high or too risky for us to bring in more people to help out with the work.

many people would ask "do you have jobs in your company... ?" I would go " yes, plenty.. but just couldn't pay you dear.." I mean think of a time when someone actually came up to your company and work for free..if everybody were just to do that.. think abt it.. those drug addicts or criminals would offer to work volunteer for companies which having high activities but low revenue.. they would have made the difference. They would make a difference person out of themselves and the bosses would thank them more than the employed staff becoz it is a free service.

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