Wednesday, December 01, 2004


from P.J to Semenyih : 40km (80km back and forth)
from P.J to Seremban: 100+km (200+km back and forth)
from P.J to Gombak: 20km (40km back and forth)

so far, the furthest that I went for a business trip is Beranang, shortly after Semenyih. It is around 90km (180km back and forth)

I always think Giombak is further becoz the traffics were always more messy and jammed-up.

and also I realize that using Petronas for Proton car gives you more milleage than other ... when I first discovered this, my brother who is working in Shell denied it... but someone in Malaysia actually confirmed this and now I have been visiting petronas. It could really gives you at least 20km to 50km more. (just for Proton vehicle only..)

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