Monday, January 15, 2007

It is better not to say anything.. just pray

As I was at the KL Sentral bus stop, I saw people wasting their time. But I can’t blame them because they don’t have many opportunities as I do.

So, my conclusion is that even though I can say to their faces “hey, you are wasting your time and energy….” But at the same time, it is not fair for me to say that because I got nothing to offer. I am not Bill Gates to tell that “hello, why don’t u come to work for me in the R & D department… I give you one year to prove yourself…”

This is like when atheists complain about the significance of religion. But I want to tell atheists this one thing… if you have nothing to offer, then it is not fair to say it. For my case, I believe that true love can cure all sickness, but I can only love one woman. So, I can’t go about curing so many people. And therefore, when other people needed light (out of darkness) and I can’t be there, better let God do the job. If one is an atheist, pray that there is a God so that other people can be loved like you too.

So, I feel that sometimes it is better not to say anything (comments) even though you are convinced that you are right. But just pray for people. Pray that they have more opportunities in life.

People believe what is right and wrong according to their own standards (how they are brought up). You can’t tell them what is right and wrong not until you took responsibilities in them. And "responsibility" is a big word.