Saturday, April 30, 2011

Malaysia Sex Video - Not Interested

Come on guys, nobody is interested with the sex video.

Cut it off.

We are interested with the balcony kiss, the Aston Martin, the diamond ring and the evening dress.

Prince William Marries

This is historical moment of my generation, my time.

Prince William and Kate royal wedding.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Plant vs Zombies : Survival: Endless (Hard) Tips:

  • Snorkel zombies - Use walnut on lily pad.
  • Digger zombies - can't pass through potatoe mines. Use pumpkin to protect all plants in case digger zombies managed to pass through the front defense.
  • Zomboni is effectively dealt with using spikeweed.
  • Gargantuar is most effectively dealt with using freezing techniques; freezing melon or freeze shroom(use multiple to freeze them so that shooting pea at the left side can shoot them while they are immobilized). Secondly effective using spikeweed (which will slow them down while they are trying to demolish the spikeweed).

The maximum number of flags I have achieved is 22 flags.

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Monday, April 25, 2011





Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nexcare first aid - Feel Better. Is Better ...

I was given samples of Nexcare first aid while taking the LRT.

  • Flexible, comfortable fit.
  • Soft, breathable material allows sweat and moisture to evaporate
  • Unique shape designed for better seal around pad
  • Latex free
  • Best for kids, athletes and general purpose use.

NKF - The Hidden Dangers of Salt

Many Malaysian adults, particularly with a family history of hypertension coupled with job stress have been diagnosed with hypertension. Having high blood pressure increases the risk of heart and blood vessel disease or what is called cardiovascular risk. Hypertension is also one of the major causes of chronic kidney disease.

If diagnosed with hypertension, managing your blood pressure by maintaining a healthy body weight and making good food and lifestyle choices in addition to medication, is critical to preventing the complications of hypertension. The major lifestyle change that a hypertensive should make is to restrict salt in the diet.

Refer to the full newsletter.

Refer to NKF Malaysia.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Plant vs Zombies: Survival: Roof (Hard) Tips:

Refer to Plant vs Zombies: Survival: Fog (Hard) Tips

1. To fight with zomboni, winter melon is not good enough. Need to use pea shooter with fire. Place it at the right side (where the roof is flat).

2. Do not use kernel pult (not much point). Use cabbage pult at first, later change all to winter melon.

3. Place cactus at the right side of the roof (where the root is flat), otherwise, it can't shoot properly. And also you need to plant one cactus per lane in order to shoot down balloon zombies properly. Thus, it would be a better idea to use blover altogether (more effective).