Saturday, December 25, 2004

ho ho ho .. Merry christmas

merry christmas...

aisay..another christmas.. means happy new year coming lar..

ever wonder what does christmas means ?

ever wonder who is santa claus?
Apparently, according to
mr.santa claus is supposed to be an orphan goes by the name of Nicholas and was supposed to be raised by many families in a village along the years. He started off by wanting to provide gifts for the first family's children which took him in during christmas. He crafted out wooden toys using a pocket knife descended to him by his father. He eventually become a toymaker and konon nya end up producing the movie
Toy Story in the reason years. (Just joking) He was eventually trained by Bertram Marsden, a wood craver who took him in for his third christmas as an orphan. Prior to that, he won himself a metal sledge which is use for toy delivery during his career as santa claus. He lived with Mr. Marsden for many years and they both dedicated winter evening to doing toys for kids in the village. The reason he delivered the presents during Christmas eve is becoz he had many destination to cover and so he needed to start from Christmas eve-ning up to the wee hours or Christmas day. As Nicholas grew older, the village population grew larger and Nicholas had problem collecting information about childrens in the village, thus the only way for him to know that houses having children is by mean of a hanging a bag by the door. But this doesn't explain why red stocking.. ?? it is because there is a poor boy named Frederick whom had a younger brother and his house got no bag or whatsoever.. Frederick hung his red stocking to the door instead of bag and to his suprise, that did the trick as well. One day, a rich man came to Nicholas for some idea. The former was in his red suit and sleigh which caught the latter in the eye deadly. The next thing on Nicholas mind was to dress like the rich man for his develivery service. He went for a widow tailor and had the red suit made first. The tailor didnt measure him properly and eventually a bigger suit was made and guess what:

Nicholas wanted to fit himself better to the suit so he ate more and more and eventually got a belly. He wore a black boots because the trousers were much longer than expected.

His old horse Lufka eventually got too old to work and Nicholas had to source for other horse-power. and remember the rich man whom inspired Nicholas with red suit, was having financial problem and wanted to sell his possession and eventually he gave away eight reindeer which can move much faster than horses... the parents: Donner and Blitzen and children: Dasher and Dancer, Comet and Cupid, Prancer and Vixen.

Then came and old man with his grand-daughter who had a house on top of the hill in the village. He was rich and had to build barrier around the houses to prevent intrusion. The old man kept himself and grand daughter from mixing with people and everyone guessed that there wouldn't be any red stocking for the little girl during christmas eve. So, Nicholas did the unforgivable, where he gained entry into the house through the chimney and dropped gifts for the family.

Then again, came another weird community called the gypsies. They lived in the forest with tall pine tree. There is no door nor chimney nor stocking.. so Nicholas go around by hanging the toys onto the pine trees and had candled lighted on it. This is why you get christmas tree.

he then named berries Holly after a girl who brought him berries during christmas.

then he became very old and people started to worry that he couldn't stand the cold outside hourses while filling up the stocking with gifts. So, they switched the stocking to be hung inside so that Nicholas can come in and fill them up at a better comfort. But it was the last stocking that Nicholas felt so tired and fell asleep and then the owner of the house decided to help him to finish the job while he went on home. This explains why it is justifiable for parents to filled up the stocking for their kids.

Then Nicholas died and everybody thought there wouldn't be any present no more. But to their suprises, the stockings are being filled up again each time and the villager are assured that Nicholas had become a saint.

Saint Nicholas! Saint Nicholas!
Sant Clos! Sant Clos! as the children put it.
And thus, Santa Claus was borned.

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