Wednesday, December 22, 2004

lampe berger

I was also invited to a business preview on a company called "Lampe Berger" of France, last Friday.

It is MLM maily... the product is aroma-therapy. Of the few things about the oils are:
1. Scandalwood - Relieves constipation.
2. Eucalyptus - Helps asthma
3. Lavender
- Stabilizes blood pressure
- Relieves stress
That is why it is also used for sexual arousement.
4. Citronelle - Helps insomia
5. Oceane - Improve mental concentration.
6. Pyrethre - Chase away mosquito.
which one you use for meditation ?? Perhaps Oceane

The speaker Micheal Mok was saying..
What do you want in life?
1. Spend more time with your family.
2. Sack your boss.
3. Help others.
4. Become a better person.
5. Leave a legacy.
6. Possess great health.
7. Travel more.

He quoted "Money is either a terrible master or a wonderful servant"

Out of 100 people who reached the age of 65.
1% is wealthy
4% is financially independence
5% still working
35% Dead
55% dead broke

out of the 5% who succeeded in gaining financial independence, 75% do it by owning their own business.

Do you own the business or the business own you.

Network marketing is a leveraging tools.

Banks are also doing direct selling for credit cards and loan, so what is wrong with direct selling?


Wellness Revolutioner said...

lampe berger is an aroma therapy product that available at retailer, online stores and other souvenier boutique in some parts of Europe, Canada and US.But not long ago, one of Asian country discover this air-purify component and thought of making money with it, so the person turn this ordinary product into money-game solution. Also known as 'Air Market Business'. And this product brought through most other countries in Asian to attract people that are looking for opputunity. Until today, the top people set this idea were already become millionaire, and those front people at early years involve in this 'business', staying at home with a CLK Benz, 60" plasma TV and spending golf time with friends. Sounds exciting? because many and many people are contributing so called 'investment' into this 'business' so that those front lines are getting richer and richer and the new incoming opputurnity seekers are getting poorer and poorer due to high investment of money with no gurantee turn-over because this is not a business of MLM at all. Research properly. Caution of GREEDY and LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. all the best.

Brandon Teoh said...

ok. thanks.

Anonymous said...

dont get con by this actually an air purifier product from france..but some 1 make it as a MLM product...follow the link n u know everything abt it...