Monday, December 13, 2004

Funeral Service

I took a four hours drive from KL to Sg. Petani from Saturday doing 120km/hour heading north. We were going for a funeral service on Sunday for a relative in Penang. The roads were clear and there is no speed trap either. It was pretty a good ride, except that I wasn't speeding because I was just driving a Proton Iswara 1.3. Had it been BMW, I would doing at least 160km/hour and would reach there in around 3 hours.

So we went for the service in a house somewhere near Pulau Tikus... I don't exactly know... except that we passed by McCalister Road, Burma Road and etc...

One of the things I noticed about funeral is that it provides opportunity for people to unite and get together. The only difference from other gathering such as Chinese New Year and etc is that it also provides opportunity for people to forgive each other and let go of certain disputes. When someone dies, certain things are gone with it and certain things remain. Funeral also marks the spot for people to move on and having new directions in life.

For me, I get to know more relatives that I wouldn't be knowing anyway. Overall, everybody is satisfied as the service is pretty much Christian-bias, hence you wouldn't be expecting a lot of noisy activities such as people playing drums while taoist monk doing magic.

For conclusion, funeral is really a time for people to unite and let go differences.

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