Sunday, December 05, 2004

being sincere

u can't tell people what you believe and expect them to believe you even though you are sincered becoz there is this word called "gullible"... people don't want to feel that way becoz it is indirectly implying "pretty stupid.." so even though what you believe is true which is only in your own experiences, there is no way for other people to take it just like that. One of the reason is becoz in this world there are some people who likes to talk something not right which would eventually deceive people into doing something unhealthy or bad.

miracle is only true to you and the fact is others don't benefit from it.. people choose to believe what they want to believe based on their intelligence, life experiences and characteristic.

hence if you are a buddhist and married an atheist.. what would happen next ? One way is to keep your own diary and write what you have experienced. Not until that person experienced the same situations which accidentally that person read you diary and related it to his or her own feeling.. that person wouldn't believe a thing becoz it is not important for that person. and hence believe is truly a personal experience which becoz it is you that matters. so you are what you believe or not to believe; the abstract representation of your physical self.

thus, even if I believe and understood a theory so sincerely, I couldn't really get other people to follow becoz it might only be good for me. and because I dont want other to be gullible, it might as well don't say it and keep it to yourself. if you keep it to yourself, it means that the believe resides in you is empty and since believe = you; you are empty as well but merely a physical entity which exist for around 100 years.

in order words, "empty" doesn't mean "don't exist" but nothing. it means nothing.

so, this whole blog is really just an entertaintment! becoz whatever things that I wrote.. you would have feel reactions only ""
1. " stupid ..."
2. " odd.."
3. "so nonsense .."
4. "eh... sure or not .."
5. "so show-off"
6. "haha.. he is wrong..not very smart."
7. "y must i read this ??"

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