Wednesday, December 29, 2004

hotel industry affected

still talking abt Tsunami .. apparently the tourism industry for beach area will be affected to certain effects .. in a way, one of my father's friend who ran a hotel in Pulau Perhentian had his marketing people rang me up to promote his hotel for the next season. They are currently closed due to the raining season in the east-peninsula Malaysia, which will be reopened by Feb 2005.

If I would have been staying in a condominium, I am pretty sure the insurance agent would call me up to ask for more premium.

Thankfully I am a so called vegetarian and no one offered me to eat geniune fish at a reasonable price. Due to shortage arised from fisherman not risking life to fish at sea, we might get a lot of illegal fish around.

I am sure newspaper can sell more copies than ever, as well as telecommunication would increase by certain percentage.

Anyway, up to date, the disaster is thought to have bring peace to two civil wars in the most badly affected areas; Aceh and Sri Lanka.

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