Friday, December 17, 2004

work smart

i had a discussion with Mr.How who was really a fantastic sanguine (i think so..) he is a great sales person, with a lot of impression in the face and he is very excited with what he wanted to pull across to you. One thing i notice is that the lesser someone knows abt something, the more excitement it could be... I dont meant that he has zero knowledge.. let's just assume that he doesn't know much abt the technicality.. but he is really able to present it like he is being paid RM 1 million for the job.

anyway, one wisdom i learn from him is "Work smart... otherwise you will never be out of the box"

basically what we were discussing is regarding a MLM company doing is called ubiphone and the most practical thing out of the many points he tried to convince me is the following"

monthly maintenance = Rm 115.00
invest 1.5 years (18 months)
total investment = RM 2070.00
and strive for ROI of RM 500k

this is pretty good fortune for a 1.5 years effort.. the total investment is only RM2070.00 which is less that one month office rental for some big companies. To me, it is very practical... I can accept this becoz if after 1.5 years, what you got to lose is only around RM 2k and some time. Thus, given this kind of projection, if you dont have RM 2070.00 in 1.5 years, then you can just forget it.. otherwise it is worth it.

whatever thing that you do, work smart.. try to find the best and shortest path...
one example, if you can use partition magic to create partition and if you have the installation CD, it is better to do it then to reformat the PC from scratch (provided that the pc is not corrupted..) becoz reformating might also gives rise to other issues such as device driver incompatibility.

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