Friday, October 01, 2004

bloody petrol !!

whoi bloody .. car petrol price hiked again!! this is crazy .. RM 0.05 is a 3.5% {(0.05/1.42 ) * 100}increase to our daily expenses.. to put things into gross perspective, if you are a sales person with commission of less than 3.5%, for you to continue with current sales volume and customer-service requirement, you would be making losses altogether.. not unless you add a surcharge as service fees or you adjust the minimum order accordingly so that customers pay for this inflation effects. In the bottom line, if customers is not willing to do that, sales man would have to bear the cost because most company is not going to give a big damn abt this issue.

This would affect the middleman company first, especially those doing distribution where logistic is part of the accounting.. For instance, company dealing with handphone reload coupons are the one going to feel the burnt of the heat.. Principal company (manufacturer and etc) will feel it later when sales throughput from middleman decreases... eventually, professional service will be the last kena.

anyway, I am no economic expert, but I can tell you, I am going to drive lesser these days.. and I am sure gonna impose biggers rules on my business dealings.

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