Tuesday, September 28, 2004

海上生明月,天涯共此时 - Happy lantern Festival

aisay.. I never thought they would create web site even for Happy lantern festival... http://www.moon.com.cn/
in fact there are plenty of them. You can check them out to find out the history of this festival, which comes in many versions.

so this festival came again.. which I never really care abt it.. all I know is that I don't really enjoy eating mooncake during my childhood days.. where you would have things like black lotus, white lotus.. not so nice one.. these days you had things like vanila flavour, durian flavour.. ice-cream mooncake, latte mooncake, orchard splashcake...

and yeah, we heard of story people making money and sustain for one year by just selling mooncake. So, is eating mooncake really important becoz of the taste ?? I think not.

The only reason I eat mooncake is because today is the day and becoz my mom bought them. I guess the only reason my mom bought them is becoz today is the Lantern festival (of course she bought them few days before lar..) and also perhaps my relatives and friends gave some to us. So actually, this festival is good for many other things other than the history part of it.

One thing for sure it creates income for some and the second thing is I would agree, reunion. Also it creates side effect for some people like me with no girlfriend (YET!!!) coz I must be asking.. when is someone gonna sing '月亮代表我的心' to me... aisay.. so pity.. nvm I will play the MP3 (not cassette anymore!!)

Nevertheless, I think it would be great time if everyone just stop and look at the moon for a while. Think abt how much you have achieved in life and console yourself that you have actually done enough. What is more worth it than being able to look at the moon for a while .. would you still want to kira here and there .. that someone owed you money or something... Forgive them with all your heart, coz they are also looking at the moon at the same time.. hoping tat you would do the same thing.

Then suddenly maybe u might see an asteriod approaching .. (asteriod Toutatis is coming on wednesday.. no joke), but Bruce Willis is nowhere to be found!! No worries, this time is just passing by.. not visiting.

海上生明月,天涯共此时, 中秋节快乐! (Happy Lantern Festival)

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