Tuesday, October 26, 2004

such a bad day !

today was such (not really) a bad day.. to me it was a bit messy but yet interesting..

some of the things that happened..
1. My company product was down for the whole day. So i got the ezcuse not to be doing anything as my boss couldnt say a thing.. I am not responsible to bring them up.
2.bought birthday present for my father.
3. wanted to buy a pant(G2000) for myself but they ran out of size 32 inches. instead, i broke the zip of pant which I was wearing and couldn't fix it.
4. My first handphone went completely dumb.. it just couldn't speak a word. I think it is really time to change.
5. Met Patrick Lim (Omega Trend's presidential club member) at dinner near Tmn Seputeh. I was talking abt Omega Trend to other people at the other table. Thanks god I didn't say any bad thing abt him.

I also spent a lot of money through my credit card. But tis will be future problem.

things that I forgot to buy..

1. cat food.

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