Friday, October 08, 2004

Brian Lariche - Charity Collection Drive

Dear All,

Well it is time for the last collection of the year before Christmas. Raya and Deepavali are just around the corner too. So please find it in yourself to be generous.

Before I go on I urge all of you to go for – LIFE SDN BHD part 2. What a brilliant show. Worth the 42 or 52 ringgit. Thursday night’s show was a charity show for KLASS an association dealing with HIV AIDS and though the rest of the show is not for charity, but they deserve to be seen for the great entertainment and insight on being Malaysian.

The Actors Studio, Level 3, Bangsar Shopping Centre October 7-9, 13-16 @ 8.30 p.m. October 10 @ 3 p.m.

+603-2094 0400/1400

Anyway back to the food appeal; please let me know if you want to sponsor specific items for Raya or Deepavali. I can ask the homes and let you know. Also we have a new addition on our list that is the IKLHAS drop in centre. They need loads of support for the outstanding work they do. - They run a drop in centre for drug related clients.

As usual, please indicate when you are dropping by to deliver the items to my house.

Wednesday and Thursday evenings, I am in for sure from 6.30- 830 pm.If you have any other items to offer, please do so.

BUT I am away for most of November so PLEASE deliver all items by then.

I will also ask for a small collection for Christmas in late November.

1. Rice- 100 Kilos
2. Mee Hoon - 20 Kilos
3. Milo - Need 20 soft packs largest size.
4. Biscuits- Cream Crackers and assorted As much as possible
5. Condensed milk-100 tins
6. Evaporated Milk- 20 tins
7. Powdered Milk- for coffee usually so generic brands fine
8. Jam -8 bottles each collection
9. Peanut Butter- 8 bottles
10. Ribena- 8 bottles
11. Insect repellent.- 8 tins Baygon or ridsect.
12. Maggi Mee-300 packets
13. Planta magarine ( must be TINNED )6 tins -large
14. Cordial-orange and rose syrup- 10 bottles of each ( large 2 litre ones are best)
15. Instant Coffee- 20 soft packs
16. Local Coffee- 10 packets
17. Tea- bags and tea leaves
18. cooking Oil-10 bottles of 5 kgs
19. Brands Essence of Chicken or Pati Haruan- as many as possible.
20. Green Peas- 40 tins
21. Baked beans- 40 tins
22. sardines- 100 tins
23. Tuna- 100 tins
24. Horlicks- 10 soft packs
25. Any other canned food including corn beef

NON FOOD/Household

1.ANTISEPTIC- 10 more bottles
2.Floor Wash- 12 bottles of 2 litres
3.dishwashing soap. 8 bottles if large ones
4.Washing Soap for Clothes- 10 5kg bags
5.Shampoo- 30 Bottles large
6.Diapers- L size
7.Rubbish Bags- large and medium

drop off point

40 Lorong Maarof,
Bangsar Park
59000 KL
house number : 2284 5613
012 297 5613.
Thanks for helping improve the lives of people who have so little in a land of so much

Brian (
Better one friend with a dish of food than a hundred with a sigh!!!!!!!

Connecting Business and Society
Brian Lariche
Assoc. Partner
31, jalan tunku,
Bukit Tunku
tel: +603 26924240
fax: +603 26914241
mobile: +6012 2975613

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