Thursday, October 21, 2004

wasting time ..

it is now 2:31 AM, I felt I have wasted the whole of yesterday...

why do I feel tat way ?
Because whatever I do is not helping me with anything..either making me richer or etc.. I achieved nothing yesterday.. except successfully sent my car for servicing..

earlier part of the day was sending car to workshop then go office, do some work, go lunch, do some work and then go pickup my car..
I spent 8:00 pm to 9:00pm having dinner with Rick Teoh and his girlfriend.. talking abt Omega Trend.
then 9:30 to 10:30pm trying to introduce someone to a job which didnt go quite well..
11:00 to 12:00 I spent on talking pictures of my cat which is sicked.
12:00 to now... surfing net for nothing... went into dirty site for a while. But I didnt look at the 'hidden camera' section where the owner doesn't quite allow you to see its secret. u know what I mean.. it makes a lot of difference when what you seeing is something you suppose to see or not suppose to see.

now i figure i justed wasted damn whole day.

it got me thinking.. wasting time is really a SIN!!!

blogging is not wasting time, blogging makes me realize that I was wasting time.

I really need to start not wasting time.. coz it made you go dumb and you just couldn't live productively. When wasting time, your mind stop there for a while .. this would kill your nerves and spoil your fate.. i think so.

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BrianO said...

I believe and only believe.... that nothing is wasting neithe time or life. Because everything we get through or get by is a process of life, an experience we unexpected and unpredicated. Otherwise, we can be a wiseman or a saint.

So, just take it naturally and easily with any life experience, no matter is bad or good, I believe it is the way we learn, listen, understand and grow up in our life.

If everything we did or experienced should in our expectation, it is a perfectionism. Nothing is perfect, else it can't be inspired. Just take yourself easy.