Thursday, October 28, 2004

where is my heart

Sometimes I felt that my life is moving ahead... things are normal.. I am having slow increment of income, health gettings better, intelligence improves, options wider and opportunities ahead...

I go to work, eat dinner, sleep, meet some friends, get involve in business and plan for future.

Also try to get a girlfriend and hope to get marry.

but suddenly I wondered, where my heart is..? What is the motivation ?

Must I get a girl, go married and get into a lot of financial headache to kick-start the movitation ?? that is a bit silly isn't it ? Or maybe the motivation is to carry on living the life that is seems right ahead of me, I can see there is a path ready already..good or bad I not sure but something is there waiting for me. All the people around you are the audience, some waiting to laugh at you, some waiting to watch some excitement.

I have no answer yet...

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