Saturday, October 23, 2004

Why r you standing there ?

I just curious sometimes... I have been living with my parents for 26 years and what are they really important to me..?? besides being the biological contributor to my existence, spending a fortune on me and scolding me for the last two decades..

Every morning.. my parents will be there.. I woke up and they will just be there.. I never really thought a lot abt their presence, Sometimes I would just walk pass them without saying much.

Came yesterday, I was at a public speaking ocassion (Omega Trend) where the speaker Mr. Arthur Yap was saying .."if you want to be as successful as me, you have to listen to me only. If you don't want to be that person, don't listen to anything he or she says".

this is really quite true, i never listen to my parents .. I don't like their ideas and opinions.. I don't want to be like them.. but then again, they also teach me the opposite, which is never be like them if I think they are not successful or worth copying. Their existence teaches me this every damn day, everyday I woke up to the morning, I got a reminded lesson, over and over again ..and again and again... I never realize it. Whatever things that they have done, wrongly or rightly scolded you.. if you think you don't want to repeat their mistake, and I have to thank them for being there always to remind me to "be better and make the difference"

same things goes to anything surrounding us.. people are giving somekind of dharma talk.. if you want to become a begger, follow their style. If you want to be a movie star, follow their style.. and you will be if not successful, at least one kind. Don't agree with your boss if you think he is wrong.. but you have no choice coz he is paying you, but at least you need to thank him for reminding you not to be him or her.

I would think, the biggest accomplishment of parents are (if they have children), succeeded in bring up the children and the biggest gift of children from parents is the opportunity to be a something better.

my dear friend, thanks for standing there..

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