Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Instant cafe schedule in KL - go see it :-)

Dear All,
It is just 2 weeks away….. book early.
Brian (brian@lariche.net)
PS feedback on food collection please.


Performances in aid of PUSAKA - centre for the traditional performing arts

Join founder Directors Andrew Leci, Jit Murad, Jo Kukathas and Zahim Albakri and friends for this one time only gala event for the biggest line up of the tour!

27 October Grand Orchid Ballroom
(Charity Gala)

Table prices RM 10,000 / RM 5,000 / RM 3,000
Seat prices RM 1,000 / RM 500 / RM 300

28 October Grand Orchid Ballroom
(Charity Show) Grand Orchid Ballroom

Table prices RM 2,100 / RM 1,900 / RM 1,700
Seat prices RM 210 / RM 190 / RM 170

Time Dinner: 7.15pm - 8.30pm
Show; 8.45pm -10.45pm

Tickets The Instant Café Theatre Company
Tel: (03) 2148 5192 (Andre)
Fax: (03) 2148 5234
Email: instantcafe@po.jaring.my

With Andrew Leci, Allan Perera, Chacko Vadaketh,
David Gomes, Indi Nadarajah, Jit Murad, Jo Kukathas,
Junji Delfino, Maya Abdullah, Nell Ng, Paula Malai Ali,
Reshmonu, Shanthini Venugopal and **Zahim Albakri

(**Oct 27 only)


4-7 November The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre,Level 3, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Ticket Prices RM 102/ RM 82 4-6 November (8.30pm)

RM 82 ALL TICKETS 7 November (3.00pm)

Tickets The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre
Tel: (03) 2094 0400 / 1400

Different line up every two nights. Performers include

Adflin Shauki, Allan Perera, Ari Ratos, David Gomes, Edwin Sumun, Ghafir Akbar, Ida Nerina, Indi Nadarajah, Jo Kukathas, Junji Delfino, Maya Abdullah, Nell Ng, Patrick Teoh, Sandra Sodhy, Sean Ghazi, Soefira Jafaar, Shanthini Venugopal, Sukania Venugopal

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