Monday, January 03, 2005

tsunami again...

happy new year guys..

we are back to tsunami again.. the death toll increases to 155k; 0.00258% of world population and it seems to have kill
people around the world.

My mother just got back from Singapore and she told me over the last one week, Singaporean expressed great alerts on the disaster to such extent that everybody stay home to watch the news coverage and some even screamed at the horrible site seen. It is also learned that Singaporean are extremely generous at donations. As well as Hong Kong, where yesterday nite, as broadcasted by Astro, singers and movie stars gathered to pledge for donations. To me, I understand their gratitude, it also expressed fear in them because both are islander country and similiar disaster hitting them would simply means disaster.

Malaysian have been advised by each other for not eating sea food due to the fact that there has been huge changes to the geographical aspect of the sea, where it is believed that sea creatures have been eating volcanic-substances which is bad for our health. They said we shouldn't be eating sea food for the next one year.

To me, I am not sure whether this disaster is far from over or not, but I believe that nobody knows the extend of the side effect. But I do have one concern is that should there is another earth quake and it just so happened to knock off sea cables for Internet, which resulted in cutting off of major communications line and there you go, it will really be a big problem. Just imagine there is no communication at all between countries.

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