Sunday, January 23, 2005

The passion of christ

I just watched the show the passion of christ.. good show.. the best part is the beating part .. for one thing.. i watched it closely because I have no idea about Jesus until now.. so I was trying to put piece and pieces together..

After the movie, I did a research and was done with some enlightenedment.

According to some sources:
1. Jesus is a messenger of God which himself is god and thus as a man, he succumbed to all temptations (such as sex) and was ignored, unappreciated, unloved and misunderstood even though he is a good man and always love everyone.
Now this is killer..
1a.he loves everyone, man and woman, so he couldn't choose a wife, because he has no bias, he might as well don't marry. So when you marry someone means you loved someone more and thus you would inevitably have to have some bias because you choose to love someone more than other people. In other words, god is not married, otherwise he is bias.
1b. Even though he is good and people still don't like him and eventually killed him. The teaching of this is that people choose their own god and not the real god coz people are bias according to their own temptation. This is quite true as the Roman worship different gods. So Roman are the peak of human civilization 2000 years ago and then came Jesus and then it was destroyed.

2. When he was about to be cruxifixion. He prayed to forgive those who had caused him pain with reason that people don't know what they are doing. This proves that "God forgive you because you are naive to your action"

3. Jesus was cruxified between two other criminals, as a benchmark to let people see the differences. Two other criminal were subjected to "breaking of the legs" before they died, while jesus died just before that. After he uttered "It is fullfilled now!" then he left. This shows that he could have died easily when he chosed to suffered the beatings of man. He chosed to sufferred all the way until he finally pull the plug himself. It is particularly interesting that the movie focuses on the beating show the defiant of human and the strength of god that will always be with you. Had he not went through those suffering, it would not serve the purpose of his existence, to show love on behalf of god as a human. Just like Gandhi said, reiteriate with love than hatred. Jesus show you how it can be done using a human body that is vunerable to all suffering. In movie, some Roman guard believed when Jesus died pre-maturely.

4. The movie ended with temple being destroyed by earthquake. And all those high priest finally believed in Jesus because Jesus mentioned he could destroy all temple and rebuild them in 3 days. It is also interested to note that earthquake are God's doing as lesson to point out that people are heading the wrong direction. In the recent Asian Tsunami crisis, the worst hit area Aceh of Indonesia, had a famous picture.. a mosque left among all debris.

This is a message where those people had ignored the mosque that people are just putting up faces to go the mosque while in fact they are not doing good. Mosque cannot save you from disaster. The mosque is still here while you are gone. You failed to withhold god, or you have failed because you are using god for your own purpose.

Hebrew (Jews) are strong people, they are always being bullied and evetually win. Moses (B.C) was to take on they Egypt empire. Jesus to take one the Roman empire.

I am sorry if any of you find this abusive... this is just my thought. Long live free speech on the Internet.

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