Tuesday, January 11, 2005

bang! there i go..

yesterday morning.. i was driving along Kampung Tunku heading for Jalan Templer... as I was approaching a descending slope... I notice a bottleneck in front, some less than 500 meters away... My foot was on the break, but due to the slope, the effect was rather slow... But actually I paid attention to cars on the other side of the road and then suddenly, i realised that I have to stop as hard as I could.. for some reason.. I am not sure how to go about "EMEGENCY STOP", as I knew as I just step on the break as hard as I could.. and BANG!, I ramped a car at around 20Km/h, that car (wira) couldn't help but to ramp the other car in front.

So, three cars pulled to the roadside and started talking.. and I found out that it was due to a taxi in front, who had stopped to let passenger off. Anyway, the other two drivers wanted me to pay them damage, so i spent around RM600 for two cars. It was really just a slight accident, but I did learnt something.

1. Never drive to close to any cars, coz according to Rick, as long as you ramp anyone from behind, you are at fault no matter what reasons. Anyone could stop at any place due to car breakdown or emotional breakdown. and yup...by logic, the taxi should be responsible because no one would ever expect any car to stop like that... but anyway, it is still my fault.
2. Always have backup in life... Just like that I need to spend like RM600, I dont want to waste my time argue about anything.. As long as I feel guitly, I would pay anyway. So I guess, financial backup is essential for anyone who is not rich. And you just wouldn't know it until like me..BANG! wake up brother...you need financial backup.

I also realised that I had been a hero as there were fleets of cars behind me, all were bumper to bumper... had I been not stopping smoothly, probably some cars at the back would have ramped at each other and I might not need to pay for anything...

so despite being hero and reminded of life's backup choices, I also get a chance to win a lottery price for my car plate.. 6204. go buy it guys, it might kena. The reason I feel confident because my car plate was kind of damage, my front bumper was just a bit dislocated.. and discoloured as well.

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