Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Disaster coming at 8 Feb 2005!

The Tsunami happened in SW countries of China was predicted by the Chinese traditional farmer prediction system accurately. It also tell there is another one in NE countries of China (Japan and Korea) in 2005. Which is being confirmed by the geographical scientist already.

So, don't plan your trip to Korea or Japan in 2005. One more thing, I guess you may heard about the "White Dragon King" in Thailand, right? Michael's friend went to Thailand and visit him before 26 Dec. The White Dragon King asked her to leave Thai immediately as there is a disaster coming. So she left and escape from the disaster. However, he also asked her not to go outside and stay at home in HK on 8 Feb (Year 30th) after 9:00 pm. He said something bad will happen in HK at that period. Inform your families or friends if possible.

Actually in year 2000, certain group in the buddhism society already warned of disaster in 2004 (chinese calender), according to them, the damage would be much bigger ... the recent Tsunami is just really off-track. Anyway, if this article is for real, 8 Feb would be the last day of chinese calender 2004, and things could really get ugly if it hit Hong Kong and Korea (both celebrating chinese new year)...

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