Thursday, January 06, 2005

Chinese discriminated in Aceh

I heard some problem with our donation, I heard in aceh (indonesia) chinese ppl line up for food, but they don't get their share, they have to buy it, while the malays is for free.

I don't know where they come from, But I think these ppl is still uncivilised. So its like our chinese donation of food & money are for nothing.

This was told by peoples who have come to medan stay in the temple, now its up to 3000 ppl in the temple, most of them are chinese, Now we only donate to temple, because there is the only place where these chinese get their donation of food and clothes.So if you want to donate, don't donate to the church or temple.Peace......

One of the reason I blog is also to keep archive of gossip and things circulated around the Internet, especially to my mail box... But dont believe everything you see... don't be gullible okay..

but for the comment I received from Yudywanto, who is living in Medan, I think there is a reason to believe that Tsunami is a punishment to Aceh because last time they bully chinese indonesian...

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