Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Uncle Lim & Genting

I always believe that Uncle Lim is not a good human being.. coz we would usually heard stories that someone gambled all monies at Genting and had to sell houses and etc.

My first visit into the casino was way back many years, which i believe only around 16 years old.. That was the time when my family visited Genting and I knocked into my high school friend; Mr. How Soon Khang. Mr. How used to be a close friend, until we split class during form 3, we were still close but not that close. Some say he looks like Tommy Page, fair skin and well-built body.

So during the genting encountered, we decided to have a hang-out at around 3 AM. So we did, walked around Genting Highlands Indoor theme park and it was pretty boring. We are not sure our way, then suddenly, we saw a television with some program running. We walked closer and closer, hope to glimpse what was happening there.. Suddenly, we were inside the casino, the guard didn't stop us I dont know why, probably was sleep-walking.

That was the first time I saw casino, it looks more like a wet market where everyone was standing and doing something. Those were great moments, where i would tell friend 'Hey, I got into Casino!!!', but now it is like 'ceh..' coz this story is outdated.

Anyway, my other visits to Genting Casino were after legalized age. I never like gambling, seeing people gamble on stack of tokens, assumely RM 10 K at one shot and lost it just like that!

Until recently, my perception on Uncle Lim changed. He could be a good guy..

One friend told me, many of those big gamblers go to Genting Casino with 'dirty money'. So it is good that these dirty money eventually got lost and recycle back to the community, where Uncle Lim gets to create many jobs(endless job) and make couple of donations.

So now I like the idea of 'dirty money' lost to Genting Casino, this is very justifiable, and it should be that way.

anyhow, I still don't like to go Genting Highlands.

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