Saturday, September 11, 2004

A Reunion - CHS Aniversery

yeah brother and sister, heloo..

last nite around 10 PM (Malaysian time), in UJS 10, PJ, Selangor, Malaysia. Me and my high school friends had a round of reunion.. let me introduce the members.

1. Brandon Teoh (the most baik hati a.k.a the ONE from top or bottom)
2. Ian Kwok (Sales Manager with music talents and sports bastard a.k.a the dog)
3. Rick Teoh Yaw Meng (the 7 experts)
4. Soo Wei Siang (the chemical engineer)
5. Bryan Lee Jun Mai (tai lor)
6. Milton Kok (the U.K based civil engineer with no business card)
7. Priscilia Chai (the U.K based accountant)
8. Chow Yuen Ping (the malaysian based civil engineer)
9. See Lai Yee (the accountant cum tea enterprenuer)
10. Josephine Fong (the finance consultant - S2 at KPMG)
11. Ngan Kian Hin (the dancer cum SAP consultant)
12. Lok Yen Foong (the foong 'ceh' working at Merk)
13. Xiao Fei (the Great Eastern employee)

so who started the whole thing... ? -> U.K based couple came back for holidays, we were like dragged into a 'force' reunion thingy.. by the way, this is a 'temporarily' farewell thingy, the episod to be continued by April 2005 .. hopefully i will get married before that, so that i can 'force' them at my own pleasure.. the only problem is i am not qualify to get marry yet..due to the following reasons:

  1. No Girlfriend
  2. No Money

anyway, no problem i will work hard..

so yeah, what about us ?? we been friends for more than 10 years.. since high school (CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL).. all of us got older a bit..we talk rubbish mainly... gossiping about somebody elses marriage such as 'the tennis girl'... we talked about U.K and how Princess Diana accusingly pushed people into the pool of her memorial fountain park. We also talked a bit about 'patches' and tennis.. oh ya, we all missed tennis, they been urging me to organize some kind of weekly tennis game basis (i will try my best)

Some of the topics overheard from amongst the conversation:

1. Electronic issurance coverage - would it be a threat to insurance agent ?
2. Anwar Ibrahim mattress belongs to one of the member ..really ?
3. One of our high-school friend earn RM 6K per month doing just part time lecturing.
4. Going from Malaysian to U.K is about 13 hours straight.. u can cheat jet-lag by pretending to sleep.
5. What courses being offered by Iverson?
6. PM walked past one of the member's exhibition booth without noticing him (during the ICT and Communication expose at Mines Convention Center)
7. There is a rich girl, a short girl and a LCCI girl waiting to be introduced to Brandon Teoh. But have to wait until sometime end of the year. What lar..
8. Brandon Teoh is going to Taiwan .. serious ?
9. Why is Jane Low not coming?

Overall, it was a great reunion..we were tired and yet relax, had some small refreshment over at Tai Pan's mamak, where we got a controversy 'milo suam' issue, nevertheless, it was resolved promptly ... The mamak were happy to see us there, as we were the largest group with wonderful ideas..

We all have great affinity(缘份) .. and it a blessing that all of us are still intach at one piece. Non of us ventured into selling pornography, loaning shark,dirty money or something like that.. we are a good batch of human being for the year of 1978 - the year of the horse.

Mainly, most of us still dont change much, except priorities and directions.. Mr. Ngan is going to U.K for two months, so he will be joining the U.K based couple for some sort 'threesome' thingy... but i doubt he can do any dancing over there, coz the place might not be big enough for him..

the only thing we forgot is taking a snapshot of what we were .. becauase all of us were so tired.. we 'split' at around 1:37AM.

so what next ??? nothing much lar.. Brandon Teoh will always be in Malaysia, waiting for people to come and go.. and come and go...until i decided it is time for me to go and never come.(the time I decided to let go the '缘')


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