Saturday, September 04, 2004

Brian Lariche's Charity Drive

Dear All
I am sending out a request for items to be used as a prize for a charity raffle in aid of the OZANAM house in Batu Arang( one of the homes I collect food for.This is home shelters women and children who HIV+ and/or women who in need of shelter for various reasons.
Please give any new items you have one too many of to them. You can drop it of here at my place
40, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar and I will ask dr. Lucy, the person running the place to com e get it from me.
You can also e-mail dr. Lucy -
Brian (

Items requested are as follows:-
Iron Cooking pots
Hairdryer Dinner sets
Microwave oven TV set
Electric Oven VCD player
Thermopot Radio
DVD Player Camera etc
Anthing that can be given away as prizes

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