Wednesday, August 25, 2004

useless man

how many times u been in situations where you wanted to do more but couldn't ?? things like this really makes me sad and down...

I wanted to help many people, do many things but I am stuck to my priority - my current job, most importantly, I don't have the financial capability to walk my wishes. yea.. had I been working hard on my MLM previously, I might be better off now .. or had I been a smarter person, I would be in a big big company earning big money.. The more 'had I been'... the more worst things could be..

I wished I could settle all existing problems by today and tomorrow become a brand new life.. where there are no obligation, no rules, no pain, no boundary and etc.

When I am down, I would prefer to take a bus ride through K.L at nite time just to look at lights, building, people, traffic and listening to some malay song in the background. It is ok if the bus is moving slowly, as long as it moves. It really helps better than driving my own car chasing down empty highway at high speed, which I don't prefer.

oh.. brother..I am such useless man..



Yudy said...

The Ant Spirit

For the past two months I have kill billions of ants, and chase this ants away with insect spray, but it keeps coming back like nothing has happen. Everytime the ants will just keep walking the same path, and settle down the same spot/house. I kill them again and again, but you will still see them walking on top of the cable and fences. Each time I spray at their home, they will be running out with their food (white colour object), but they will die after that, all over the place you can see thousand and thousand of ants dieing. After sometimes they are back again.

I nearly give up killing them, but the ants never give up, they will do anything to get a better place to settle down. The ants seem to be working nonstop; walking thousand of miles (for their size) to look for food.

So Brandon, maybe you need more spirit, but not like the ants, coz it’s really pain in the ass. :) For me "stuck" is like daily food, I have lots of thing I want to do to get a better life, maybe we just have to wait for the right time. Patient......

Brandon Teoh said...
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Brandon Teoh said...

yup.. bravo the ants..

i guess all of us are just waiting for 'that moment in time' ... that moment which makes us proud and happy up to eternity. Be it you striked lottery and married the best chick in town; is your call, but it is just one moment which we can finally say 'ahrr... i have done enough and i can settle with just anything now..'

huge majority of people in this planet never had such experience, perhaps they are not aware of such 'self-actualization' awareness..

so let me write u...

ONE MOMENT IN TIME by Whitney Houston
Each day I live
I want to be
a day to give
The best of me
I'm only one
but not alone, my finest day is yet unknow

I broke my heart
For ev'ry gain,to taste the sweet
I faced the pain I rise and fall
yet through it all, this much remains

I want one moment in time
When I more than
I thought I could be
When all of my dreams are a heart beat away and the answers are all up to me

Give me one moment in time, when I'm racing with destiny
Then in that one moment in time, I will feel, I will feel eternity


I 've lived to be the very best,
I want it all,
no time for less I've laid the plans,
now lay the chance here in my hands

Give me one moment in time
when I more than I thought I could be
When all of my dreams are a heart beat away and the answers are all up to me

Give me one moment in time
when I racing with destiny, then in that one moment
in time I will feel,
I will feel eternity

You're a winner for a life time,
if you seize that one moment in time make it shine

Give me one moment in time
when I more than I thought I could be
when all of my dreams are a heart beat away and the answers are all up to me

Give me one moment in time
when I racing with destiny
then in that one moment in time, I will be, I will be, I will be free I will be, I will be free.

Brandon Teoh said...

that heed the following, it will solve my misery:

In mandarin by Master Hsuan Hua(宣化上人) of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Society.

"哑吧的人是因为他竟讲人的是非..讲多了..喔自己不会讲话了. 这个聋子,哑吧,瞎子,都在说法呢.那不会走路的人呢?因为他竟走错路,走那不应该走的路,所以就疡了,虽然有腿,但是不能走动.那个手不会拿东西的,因为他偷东西偷的太多了,所以没有手,这都是演说秒法呢!

所以, 你们无论各位见到什么事情,你要明白,这都在那说法呢;你要不明白,这都是做梦,所以这一切一切,都有因果的.各位不要优愁,说这个世界这么样子.说窘人太多没饭吃,没衣服穿,没房子住,他都是种那种因,结那种果.


In simple translation:
"The dumb is thus dumb because of too much gossiping .. dumbs,blinds,deaf is teaching us dharma now, thus we have to take heed. The limps is thus limps because of previous wrong steps taken, too wrong that movement is no longer available. Those without hands are those whom previously indulged in too much stealing. They are all teaching us dharma indirectly, willing or unwillingly, it is fact.

Therefore, everything that we see and would see, is part of dharma, demonstrated naturally to us. If you disagree, then my dear friend, you are a dreamer against the very truth that everything is due to cause & effect. Thus, don't put yourself into misery of weeping over worldly poor being;whom have no food,cloths and shelther, it is alright to pity them, but it is not what you and I want; for it is meant to be."

Action=Reaction. -> Proven by Science.

Mrs K said...

There must be a lot of ways one can help, not just with money. Unfortunately, there will always be obligation, always rules always pain, unless we are dead of course. someone once told me - one pain ends, another one will start somewhere else. Its life really.

But I don't think there are useless people on earth. there are just some waiting to realise their true worth and glory.

Brandon Teoh said...

Thanks for comment.

This blog entry was created so long ago..

I have conquered this.