Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Trip to Ipoh

I was down to Ipoh to attend friend's wedding.

It was nice trip went, there was no traffic congestion at all. I drove up the North-South highway at ease, immersed within the peaceful drive captivated by simple yet beautiful country sides.

It wasn't long until I reached Simpang Pulai, got out of the highway. Boom!!! Ipoh.

The first place I got into was Kek Lok Tong, a place of buddhist cum taoist temple cum recreational park.

Ipoh people are more laid back and talk more about humanity. They have time for love and fun.

One thing about Ipoh folk, they love karaoke as much as they are curious about life. I guess you can say that life is a bit more monotonous in Ipoh.

It is good to go back there every once in a while.

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