Thursday, August 14, 2008

Roger Federer Lost in Olympic Again (2008)

{{tr|2005 Cinncinatti US Open Series}}Image via Wikipedia Roger Federer lost again, yeah he did in Olympic 2004 (as top seed).

Quite unlikely he is going to have a gold medal for Olympic anymore.

But having a gold medal for Olympic doesn't make you world champion these days, it merely makes your country proud. Or rather to say, it is just for the fun of it.

This is especially true for people like Roger Federer (multi-millionaire in USD) as well as James Blake; both are professional tennis players.

I managed to catch the match about 1/4 through the match and 3/4 in the first set. By mere observation, I knew that Federer is not playing at his best.

Why ? I don't know. Maybe it is part of the strategy for anticipation of US open which is around the corner. Or simply, it just wasn't his day.

First of all, he just couldn't serve well. So this adds a point to what makes a world champion, you got to serve well.

Secondly, it is interesting to note that even not playing at his best, Federer did demonstrate a lot of uncanny behaviours which make him world champion. I noticed that Federer is a risk taker, comparing to Blake. Federer would risk taking wicked shots and just that this time, it didn't work most of the time. Blake on the other hand, conquered most of the important points and he won. Federer is definitely more charismatic than Blake. We would want Federer to win and he disappointed all.

The third thing that I noticed is that Federer is a practically patience man. He could just keep going under pressure. I predicted that if the game were to go on for another set, Federer may turn it around and win it in 5 sets. This also suggests that if the professional tours were to switch to 3-sets decider, Federer may not be the world champion.

And to guess why must he lose again ? I don't know, maybe it is boring. The is no passion to win.

Conclusion : What makes a world champion ?
  • Critical Success factor - Serve
  • Risk taker and charismatic
  • Patience

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