Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Singapore Trip (Oct 2008)



Raffles' Place

Singapore River
The Eye

Esplanade 2


One Fullerton

Singapore is peaceful.

Generally, I feel that Singaporean have a lot of mutual respect for each other, but it is lacking curiosity.

I learned that each shopping mall has its own personality. For instance, Rowena Square is the sports center, lucky plaza is where all the Indonesian hang-out during Sunday.

In Singapore, if you take out your shoe and throw out, you will hit 96 chinese, 2 mat sallehs and 1 Malay and 1 others.

The food ? Not bad too. The vegetarian food is nice and usually comes in a larger package than those in Malaysia.

In Singapore, the girls are very self-assured. They don't actually look at you.

Oh ya, I noticed that there are more Ferrari(s) in Singapore than in Malaysia.

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