Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Caesar 3 - Lutetia

This is quite a challenging scenario due to its requirement for 10,000 population and with just enough farming capabilities.

Here are the tips that will ease the challenges:
  1. You can only build about 82 farms (plus minus) and there are three types of food (Wheat, Vege and Meat(pig)). Don't bother to build wheat farm for food because wheat is eaten up fairly fast by the people. Build only vege and meat with the latter as the priority. Build the ratio of 60:40. It takes the population to eat up the meat slowly, so that gradually the supply of meat will be slightly over supply for a population of 10,000. If you have a combination of wheat, vege and meat, 82 farming capabilities will not enough for these population. --> This is the most important factor of winning this scenario (food and population)
  2. Build the houses near to the farm so that food stock reaching the granary at each housing area will be faster and marketeers will have more time to look for other items. Of course, same old rules apply. Check out the pottery marketing problem.

  3. Don't build large entertainment first, build Hippodrome only when you have a population of over 15% unemployment (which more than 17% for a long time will land you on trouble).
  4. Same old rules apply, build at least one warehouse at each housing area to store pottery, furniture, oil and wine for the houses in that area. Build a commercial center with many warehouses to facilitate trades, so that traders will not purchase pottery and furniture from the housing area's warehouses.

  5. You need to build around 10 blocks of 9x9 housing area to cater for 10,000 population. I actually build 11 blocks and the food is still enough with about 50:50 of vege and meat farms.
  6. Randomly take out certain industry such as clay pit, timber yard or workshops whenever employment rates shoot over the population.
  7. Enemy attack will only come in two different directions. The barbarians are great fighter, do not fight them without the help of wall and towers. Build thick walls to exhaust them of energy while tearing it down, then you can win almost any attack and will achieve 100% peace. Sometimes the enemy may even give up half-way tearing down the walls. But build army early. Build around 3 legions and 3 javelins. You do not have to build them all at once start with at least 1 legion and 2 javalins first.

  8. Caesar will request for Army help two times. Send 1 legion and 2 javelins each time.
  9. Remember to build the forts in the outskirts, don't build them close to the housing area because you need to reserve land to build houses near to the farms. You can even build the forts on the islands. But remember to build road to connect the island to the main road, otherwise the army will not be able to reach the fort and it will remain empty.

  10. You also need to play this scenario rather quickly because after certain period, ceasar will not request for any help and it will be hard to maintain your favor's rating.


Andrew said...

actually over a span of 48 months wheat showed a nominal difference of 2% less effectivity.

based on vegetable, pig, wheat farms beginning with a 168 population beginning, 200 ending for all (gradually rose to 200 and stayed level)

utilising a single market single granary and a single warehouse, I maintained 14 % unemployment on all 3 sets and ended with a full granary + the following amount in the warehouse: test repeated 3 times

a. 6 wheat
a. 7 pigs
a. 7 veggies

b. 6 wheat
b. 7 pigs
b. 7 veggies

c. 7 wheat
c. 7 pigs
c. 7 veggies

Brandon Teoh said...

ok. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Built 2 wheat farms for villas at the end of the game to reach prosperity, 2 veggies for Caesar and the rest were pig farms, not sure how many but as many as I could. Seven 9x9 residential areas, one 7x7 and one with 4 villas. 2 legionaries, 2 javelins and 2 mounted. Both legionaries and one mounted I was sending to Ceasar. Forgot to build Triumphal arch :D