Sunday, April 10, 2005

it should be private affair

I just so happened to browse through the following article which debates nudist's rights to be nude.

The author concluded that nudist have the rights to be nude and thus nude is nude.

personally I felt that it should be a private affair. Nudist should expose themselves at a private club or beach and no law should impose restriction on their rights. In restropect, nudist can't go around the town without clothes on. One of the reason is that one might think that he or she has a great body but other might not agree, as it might not be a pretty sight. You may want to visit a nude resort or whatsoever, but please don't do it in a public which might shock innocent man like me.

Some nudists fight for a cause..such as against killing of animal for making fur clothes, while some fights for self-esteem.

what about at home ? can you be totally nude at home with the windows opened ? I think the Malaysian and Singapore law forbid that. So fellows, keep the curtain on.

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